Suman Agarwal explains why you are not losing weight

In a world where grabbing a burger on the way to work is easier than having a balanced breakfast or lunch and you are always in enough hurry to choose an elevator over the staircase, it is not surprising that almost every second person we meet is at least slightly overweight. Working in front of your computer may count when it comes to your boss, but your body would have preferred if you and your partner hadn’t cancelled the gym membership again.

So in case, your wine before and after dinner and his beer with the TV are starting to reveal themselves in the form of massive belly fat, it is time for some crunches and a well-planned weight loss diet. But then there are several different opinions about what helps one lose weight. Some suggest giving up carbohydrates completely, while others swear that giving up on fatty foods is what works wonders. But not all of these suggestions work. To be honest, most of these ideas consist of myths that don’t help you lose weight. Worse, some of them may cause early signs of ageing to appear and weaken your bone density and make your hair turn white.

Celebrity nutritionist Suman Agarwal has not only successfully debunked some of these diet food myths in this video but has also offered some brilliant advice on how to actually lose weight in a healthy way.


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