Suman Agarwal shares a juice recipe for glowing skin

Ever wondered how celebrities never seem to age, even when not using botox and other peculiar methods to keep wrinkles away? They always look fresh and young enough to make you wonder if you have been missing out on some big secret that will only be revealed to you if you join the sacred coven of the actresses. Well, as celebrity nutritionist Suman Agarwal tells us, it’s not really a secret but something quite obvious.

As a couple, you might have given a thought to trying super-foods like kale and castor seeds to fix the varied illnesses that affect us in today’s world. But, more often than not, the super-food kind of therapy doesn’t even seem believable. Or, just in case you do decide to trust it, the ingredients are either super rare or super expensive or both. Well, not anymore.

Famous nutritionist Suman Agarwal gives us a detailed recipe of a kind of ‘super juice’ that not only gives you glowing skin and hair and keeps wrinkles at bay, but helps with keeping things like indigestion, high blood pressure and even cancer away! This miracle juice seems pretty much of an all-rounder when it comes to keeping us looking and feeling healthy and fresh. What’s more, you can have it all through the year by mixing easily available and cheap ingredients like apples and carrot.

So, go pile your mixer with these ingredients that are probably easily available in your household and get ready to get rejuvenated, one glass of juice at a time.

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