Sundar Pichai did not have money to call Anjali Pichai

The love story of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Anjali Pichai will give you relationship goals

From college to now, the Sundar Pichai- Anjali Pichai love story is beautiful

The couple met while studying in IIT Kharagpur

The toughest thing for shy Sundar was to go to the girl’s hostel reception and call Anjali

They did not have cell phones then

So when he left to study in Stanford University on a scholarship he could not call her for months

Because he did not have the money

They did not even talk to each other for six months at a stretch

Sundar and Anjali Pichai give us couple goals because:

They survived a long-distance relationship very early in their life

They grew together in the marriage

While Sundar is worth $150 million Anjali is worth $22 million

She is the Business Operations Manager at Intuit

Sundar goes to her for career advice

Despite lucrative offers from IT giants

She was the one who told him to stick to his current job

Sundar Pichai rose from Product Manager to CEO of Google

They both consciously stay away from Social Media

They do not share their children’s achievements or photos on Social Media

Their prized possession is their uniquely designed house at Los Altos Hills, California

Valued at $6 million it was specially designed on a hill top

From college to now they have walked through life hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder

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