Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber tops the internet search for being the best partner!

sunny leone with her husband

Sunny Leone is a Bollywood film star and former porn star. Sunny Leone is in the spotlight whenever you mention her name. For years in a row, she has trended on Google and has been declared as one of the most searched celebrities in the world.

But her husband Daniel Weber trended recently for a different reason and it is because of a simple picture where Sunny and Daniel are communicating with their eyes. Yes, a simple conversation without uttering a word.

Look at the picture below that Sunny recently uploaded on Instagram. You will get the drift as soon as you look at the couple.

Sunny captioned the picture as “Traveling through life with your best friend!! Priceless!!!”

For people who don’t know, Sunny and Daniel Weber are a typical example of a couple where the husband reports to the wife.

Yes, Daniel is Sunny’s manager and he arranges her date diary, shoots, assignments etc., which a typical manager is supposed to do. Daniel doubles up as Sunny’s bodyguard as well.

Danny has no qualms reporting to his wife and nor do the couple see it as any kind of work relationship. As Sunny said, it’s just like two friends who like spending time with each other.

“Danny is my most trusted person in the world and he is the man who takes all the decisions on my behalf. If you need me to be in anything or go anywhere it is Danny who takes that call on my behalf. Forget about being happy, I am delighted with this arrangement. There cannot be anything better than this,” said Sunny.

Danny echoed the same view, saying that he gave up his career because it was his wife who found stardom and she needs him to be by her side 24X7 and he decided to manage his wife’s work.

Also, Danny doesn’t mind Sunny being his boss and he jokes and tells everybody that he has the world’s sexiest woman as his boss, what more can he ask for? We agree with him.

No doubt husbands like Danny are hard to find and he is topping the charts as an ideal husband material. Pity that he is already taken.


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