Sunrise dreams

The sunset orange jump suit was looking fabulous on her.

She was fond of sunsets. She liked to spend them by the river. She loved seeing the homecoming boats and the passing orange waves.

I know the colours say a lot. And the relaxing ambiance it creates, like all the worries are dissolving in the dusk, is surely something smooth.

May be sunsets are beautiful because they fade away. But still they are kinda overrated.

“I won’t let you go,” she whispered. She said how she wanted to slip into my arms and rest there as we would draw symbols with the stars through the window.

We had once fought over who would sleep by the window.

Aisha likes to sleep on the left of the bed. I could never figure out why. Happiness is waking up by her side.





…Get up! It’s Sunday.

I know it’s.


…Okay. Okay. I get it. Huh!

Sunday is my ‘breakfast day’. It’s so difficult to shove yourself into the kitchen on a Sunday morning.

But I love these mornings when I wake up to your ‘dead flower’ smell. I love them because I can annoy you with stale kisses. I love them because we have one more day together.

Sunrises are more beautiful, because I wake up by your side. And everything else falls into places.


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