Affair and Cheating

I suspected my husband was having an affair because he asked for paneer

She wanted him to have friends, but why had he stopped talking about her?
When he grew fond of her and started asking for paneer

(As told to Neeraj Chawla)

For the second time in the week, Rahul asked me to put in paneer for his next day’s lunch box. He missed that I, Rakhi, his wife of seven years, stood stunned, feelings somewhere between disbelief and amazement. Amazed that he forgot that I knew how much he hated paneer and disbelief that he thought I wouldn’t guess the reason for his request.

I knew the reason.

I met her once at one of his office parties last year. And was, of course, stalking her on social media. My husband’s ‘friend’ in office. Naomi.

I hated that name.

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