dysfunctional relationships

how to overcome codependency

How To Overcome Codependency In Relationships

If you feel responsible for your partner’s behavior and emotional state or see your relationship as the sole focus of your life, learn how to overcome codependency and live a wholesome life

Interdependent Relationship

How To Build An Interdependent Relationship?

Healthy dependency between partners is the hallmark for a balanced relationship. This is a relationship dynamic to aspire to. But what is interdependence is a relationship? What sets it apart? And most importantly, how can you cultivate it in your relationship?

gaslighting phrases in relationships

20 Gaslighting Phrases In Relationships That Kill Love

Common gaslighting phrases and gaslighting sentences are used by a gaslighter to confuse a person, control them, and erode their self-esteem. Narcissist gaslighting phrases used by a narcissist can be even more dangerous and painful when used in a relationship. Since it can very easily be overlooked, we list out the most common gaslighting phrases so you don’t have to question whether you’re being emotionally abused or not.

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