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Couple Apps

15 Best Couple Apps To Try In 2021

We know staring at your phone at the dinner table spells doom for a relationship. But trust us, sometimes the internet is your most solid ally in love.

Long-distance Relationship Activities

35 Long-Distance Relationship Activities To Bond Over

Sharing things and doing stuff together is what gives you a common ground on which to build a solid relationship. Getting creative with long-distance relationship activities is a smart way out of this precarious situation.

online relationship advice

Online Dating Advice – 23 Important Tips

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed to fail. Through open and sustained communication, honesty and prioritizing one another, you can make your relationship thrive.

rules of texting while dating

8 Rules Of Texting While Dating

Did you know it’s people who are into swinging, who created the law of waiting three days before texting your date? Though it potentially separates the cool ones from the clingy ones, this is one of the rules of dating texting that is outdated in the current dating scenario. Considering how well connected we are …

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