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Tale of two hungry love birds


Did I tell you

That –

You are the jar, I am the pickle?

You contain me, not I.

You are the sweetness and cocoa

I am the moulded squares?

It is you who make people love me.

You are the red velvet muffin

I am just the colouring?

Together we melt hearts.

You must be finding it funny.

As to why all the food references?

The answer is simple.

As important is food to my stomach

you are to my life and heart.

~ Tale of two hungry love-birds

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  1. Loved it… few lines from my side:

    Love is a moon for it chills while the sun burns in the sky
    Love is a moon for it wanes and waxes
    Love is the moon and lovers are its werewolves
    So since we are in love, baby, lets howl

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