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Tales of arranged marriage couples who didn’t sleep on their first night

Interesting stories from the first night of marriage!

First night and interesting stories around it

Nuptial night or the first night is considered to be the most special night in a marriage . In the case of love marriages there’s some level of comfort already established in the relationship which doesn’t make sharing a bed and a room as awkward as in the case of arranged marriages. While the first night of marriage can be magical for some couples, it can be very tiresome, even traumatising for others. Here are a few memories that couples in arranged marriages  shared with us of their wedding night several years back.

Let me start with a personal narrative.

She was too young

My grandfather was found sleeping on the floor on a mat, the morning after the wedding night. It was such a talk of the time that even I heard that tale. In those days, it was important for the man to lay claim over his woman on the first night itself. The family was perturbed by this incident and each of the elders took turn to make my grandfather understand the importance of this business. As it is told, for most of the time he remained a silent listener until he talked to his mother. He said, “Here is the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with; we need to understand each other first. She’s too young; I don’t want to push her into anything she doesn’t understand.” This is retold as a funny incident. I never met my grandfather but this fills me with respect for him.

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