What if we talked about sarees like we talk about our lovers?

Sometimes our deepest relationships are with our clothing. What if we verbalised what we felt about what we wear?
deepika in sabyasachi saree

If my saree was my lover

The saree: a garment like no other; graceful, timeless, fluid… one that is cherished with love in every woman’s wardrobe. They’re often reminiscent of special occasions, special memories and deep emotions. The first dupatta saree, the Teachers’ Day at school saree, Saree Day at college, the saree one wore when receiving the prestigious award, the wedding saree, the anniversary saree… the simple cotton saree for the summer day…

What if women talked about sarees like they do about their love life and relationships? How would that turn out? Possibly a little like this…

Marrying the wrong person

It’s like being stuck in Zardozi in an outdoor summer lunch – for life!

Is it OK if I change my mind?

woman wearing zardozi work saree
Image source

Being in love with two people at the same time

I think the Lehariya will look awesome at the sangeet, but so will the Bandhani. How do I choose?


I ironed a new Crepe de chine for the evening party but wore an old comfy georgette instead. How do I face the de chine later?

Coming out

After ten years of wearing only sarees, I discovered I’m more of a trousers person. Will I be accepted if I bring the pants out of the closet?


I’ve been in a loyal relationship with Pochampallis for the past seven years, but yesterday I saw this Gadwal and can’t stop thinking about it since …

Gadwal saree
Image source

Is cheating the solution or the beginning of more problems?

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I wore a Patola at my cousin’s wedding and I am afraid that my Kanjivarams back home may find out…

Cyber cheating

After shutting my cupboard door, I find myself browsing online for new sarees with big borders and pretty motifs.

Emotional cheating

I love the lavender Chanderi that my husband gave me, so why do I dream of running my fingers through my neighbour’s green one?


After I stole my BFF’s Kalamkari, she got full custody of the blouse and petticoat.


My Kashmir silk saree complements my sister more than it does me.

woman wearing Kashmiri silk
Image source

Midlife crisis (male)

I am bored of all my old sarees and want to swap them for fresh new ones.

Midlife crisis (female)

I tried everything… my Mekhla Chador, my Dhakai, my Eri and my Muga… I still feel worthless (cries).

Poor boy-rich girl

My family ostracised me for wearing synthetic sarees. I wore them anyway. Love does not know price tags.

Loveless marriage

I only wore the Jamdani as my MIL gifted it to me on our wedding, but I have no feelings for it… I feel trapped.

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Unprotected sex

I was too eager and wore my Bomkai without getting the fall done… never again.


He asked if I liked big cheques, but then gifted me an Ikkatsaree with large checks on my birthday.

ikkat saree
Image source

The ex

Should I confess to my new Uppada, all the times I’ve worn art silk before?

Failed marriage

What ruined the Ajrakh that I once loved… my own neglect.


I’m in love with a Paithani but my conservative South Indian parents want me to choose a Mysore Silk of their choice.

Arranged marriage

I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the handloom saree my parents chose for me, but look at me now, I am not even using safety pins.

Love at first sight

After seeing the various hues of the Baluchari, I said to it, ‘You had me at yellow…’

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The wedding saree

When I saw myself wrapped in the red Banarasi for the first time, I said to it, ‘I want to marry you!’

woman wearing banarasi saree
Image source

Family traditions

It was time for me to move on, the Parsi Gara looks lovely on my daughter-in-law today.


My off-white Chikankari now looks stained and wrinkled… but love has no expiry date.

Weathering the storm

When my favourite Phulkari frayed, I turned its pallu into a stole, and immediately threw it on. I can say with confidence, it’s still got my back.

Happy marriage

It’s been 39 years and yet, each time I see my Kantha I fall in love all over again.



I had this Venkatagiri for a beautiful 45 years… today it is no longer with me, but each memory of time spent together is precious.

Relationships are not the simplest of things to manage. Different aspects of couple relationships could be as simple or as complex as warps and wefts could get. A small error could lead to a crazy entangled ball; but with love, patience and a little time, all big and small knots can be undone; leading to beautiful and heart-warming patterns in relationships and a life time of love and comfort.


When there is another woman on your boyfriend’s mind all the time!

He was looking for a rebound, she was looking for a relationship…What happens next is a surprise

Notes of love, and a lifetime of happiness

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  1. Hahahaha!!! True true!! True to the fullest!! Love for sarees is indelible. My love for linen sarees is the same as my love for my gentleman….

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