Tell her why you love her…

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No doubt every girl wants to hear how much you love her but more than how she wants to know why you love her. They want to know what is that thing which makes you feel that she’s the one. Since I said I love you to her the only question she had for me is why? and every time I answered, I love you to the moon and back. She smiles but her query didn’t go. To be honest, Earlier I never had the answer she wanted. But now I know why I love her.

She always said that we’re too different than each other than why you think I’m the one. she loves to be the main attraction of the party, on the other hand, I was kind of solitude lover, she loves to click photos, I, well no interest in it. She loves to go out with me every weekend and I loved to stay at home, but still, I loved her. Why? well since subject science came in my curriculum, I’ve learned opposite attracts. Maybe this is why she attracts me, but that’s attraction. Still, the question remains why I Iove her?

I Love Her Because Her Inner Child Has The Same Vibes As, Of Mine, Both Are Hiding From Outer World.

I faced so many struggles in life and I’ve never found someone who did understand me, but after watching her I saw someone who also faced struggles, same as mine. I hid my inner child and became, silent boring type, just so no one gets to know what’s wrong. She hid her inner child, and became a show stopper, just so no one asks her the same questions. In reality, we both are the serious loner, crying for help.

She was not ok, but not like other girls, she never demands sympathy, and that’s what I loved about her. She was a strong woman. Someone who won’t cry but will face the struggles with a smile. I knew that she’s the only one who can handle me, understands me. I always find problem with speaking up, to share is not my best quality but with her, I always feel to empty my thinking can, and this is why I love her,

I can’t explain how much I love her because there’s nothing beyond infinity and I’m sure she had heard this from all the man before me but I can tell her that her never-ending fighting spirit with a smile is the one thing which pulls me towards her. I love her because she is that missing part which will complete my heart. I love her because she is the cure I needed.  I never loved her beauty or what she show the outer world, I am in love with that child, that innocent child which had been run over, exploited by someone.

So, I love her because, yes, she’s the one who deserves my endless and only for her love. I love her because she gives me her endless and only for me love.

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