Ten commandments to save your marriage

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1. Thou shall take interest in other’s hobbies: Often, relationships fall apart because partners don’t take interest in each other’s hobbies. Invade into their world of happiness, and you shall find happiness too!

2. Thou shall treat each other as equal and share everything: In many households; wife is unaware and clueless about their husband’s financial position, investments and other holdings. Treat them as equal, as they are your best investments.

3. Thou shall follow “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for each others’ past: There is no point digging the graves and throwing mud at each other, as we tend to get dirty ourselves. Maintain a happy relationship by dreaming of future together.

4. Thou shall give each other freedom: is necessity. While holding on to each other, and invading private space is also necessary, there should be a little space, where the partner can breathe and take sensible decisions on their part.

5. Thou shall take consent before making a move: With this, I do not mean, that you need to take consent of your partner before you go to pee. But, it is necessary to consent each other before making love, or other decisions that would impact each others’ lives.

6. Thou shall plan a life together and not neglect his/her goals: Everyone has a goal, whether it is a homemaker or career-oriented woman. Both partners should understand each others’ dreams and work towards their goals together.

7. Thou shall note down (literally) what bothers and what makes their partners happy: It is very important to do this little exercise all along your married life, as it gives better understanding of your partners desires, strengths and weakness

8. Thou shall never display inferiority of their partner in public or in private moments: Everyone takes their partner for granted and tend to pass sarcasms or hurl silly abuses in public, which is a total no-no.

9. Thou shall serve each other, but give up when no due respect is given: Call it lack of gratitude, but if there is no respect then there is no need of a relationship. Give them chances to grow and evolve but move out if there is no respect.

10. Thou shall maintain cordial relationship with their partner’s friends and family: No point getting jealous of your partners’ male/female friends, childhood friends and other notorious relatives. Acceptance is the key to happiness.

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  1. True. It is not necessary a marriage will work even if these are followed. But for a marriage to have a chance to work, I’d say these need to be followed.

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