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Ten years to nowhere in a relationship

Why did a ten-year relationship not reach its anticipated destination – marriage? Human error or destiny?

Our families were friends since before we were born, but we first met in 2006, during a road trip.

I would turn 35 that year and was excited about my first road trip and he was a 31-year-old happy-go-lucky guy in his own world.

I actually disliked him and we had a fair share of fights during the 13-day journey. But by the end of it he had proposed. I had nothing to say. We were back in our hometowns which were really far apart.

But he kept calling incessantly until three months later I said yes. That was to be the beginning of a long torturous journey. The families were told immediately. He believed there wouldn’t be a problem from his side, though I wasn’t sure. After all I was older than him by four years!

And how apt my fears were! His mother would not relent. He said, “We will marry with everyone’s consent or else not marry at all and yet remain together all our lives.” An extremely reassuring statement. I believed him.

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What if you’re just the ‘backup’ plan?

He was in love with a prostitute and wanted to marry her, but life had different plans…

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