It had all started with innocuous flirting on WhatsApp

A young man falls for an older woman from his family. Is it the experience and maturity that he seeks? Or is it misplaced excitement?

Neha D | Posted on 05 Jan 2017
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My Affair with an Older Woman | Bonobology

(Names changed to protect identities)

“Some temptations are unwanted. They throw themselves at you and you don’t know what hit you,” said I.

I looked around, smiling at my wife and her extended family. The wedding sangeet at the hotel had started, and the drinks had been flowing freely for hours.

Naina knew I was referring to her, but she didn’t acknowledge it. She was almost 50 and I was just 24. She was my wife’s aunt and what I had said probably looked like trouble to her. I knew that these were dangerous waters. I didn’t know if I wanted to dive in as yet.

But the ice had already been chipped. All that was left was to break it.

It had all started with innocuous flirting on WhatsApp, which led to exchanging pictures and then on to sexting. It had been exciting then. It was exciting now. I wondered if she really wanted to bring the desires to reality. I wondered if she was ready to shatter the family morals for the sake of pleasure.

As for me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She sat next to me, like a goddess. I thought that she was gorgeous, mature and experienced. All I wanted to know was how it felt to touch her soft skin and kiss her lovely lips. I wished to learn things from her that my young wife could never teach me.

I suddenly felt very bold and held her waist softly. Caressing it secretly, I asked, “Selfie?” She smiled and I knew she was ready to go along with the game.

“Wait for me,” she whispered and left me wondering. I didn’t know where this was heading, but the wait excited me. It was exhilarating. I realised that there was no point trying to stop the desires, for they would only escalate and tear us down.

 Just then a message flashed on my phone.

“My room. In 20 minutes.”

It took all my strength to behave like nothing was happening. I smiled at unknown people. I talked to the bride and the groom as if it was the best day of my life. The 20 minutes felt like 20 hours. I made some excuse and left the banquet hall.

My heart was somersaulting and my mind was racing. Just outside her room I waited for a minute, trying to collect my thoughts. The question was not whether this was right or wrong. (Such thoughts never enter your mind when you are on the verge of an affair.) The question was whether I would do it right. And I decided to find out.

I opened the door without knocking. The teasing pictures and the voice messages that we had exchanged enticed me to step in. I saw her standing by her bed, a glass of wine in her hand and wearing a sexy black dress. Without taking my eyes off her, I locked the door behind me. (You never forget to do that if you are with another man’s wife.)

She set her glass down and pulled me to her and our lips found paradise. The breathless kisses and plunging tongues knew their tasks well. Our hands flew to feel each other and our clothes lay on the floor like vagabonds. The feel of skin to skin left us helpless. We were drowning and we didn’t care. It was lust and lust was going to be good while it lasted.

I learnt how to make a woman reach the zenith of desire. She told me that she had learnt how it felt to be young again. I learnt how to capture her heart with my tongue. She told me that she had learnt how to let go of her crowded feelings. We decided that reality should take a backseat for a while.

We managed to steal time for ourselves till the wedding was over. But the rendezvous had to end. The excitement had to go back to sleep. The goodbye wasn’t easy though. We knew that the wait until next time would be long. But the threshold had been crossed. The freedom had been tasted.

This happened a year back. We are still in touch. The desires haven’t changed and we are waiting for the next time. She is too far away for us to meet. It has been an interesting experience for both of us, as it was the first time we had crossed the boundaries set by society. But I’m sure that it is not going to stop us from exploring other possibilities. After all, you only live once.

(As told to Neha D.)


Roopal Kewalya: Life is full of possibilities :) Very well written.

Sawmya: Really !!feelings towards opposite sex ... @viralstory thers no problem when two or three people of opposite sex/same sex gets attracted to each other and have fun. But it shouldnt b done by cheating their partners. People who have views of free sex ...go ahead and lead life up to the fullest or go for open marriage. Two people r being cheated upon . Cant u understand the simple logic? Then i am also a human being with desires and who believes that small lies r good (if it doesnt harm any1 brutally) i am a human being vith modern views v all have instincts but it should go together with morale,guilt empathy atleast to the minimum level. This is one of the main factors which differentiate between human beings and wild animals. Cheating is not something progressive. Its cruel. Definitely by the way the story is presented (i am not an oxford educated or a person with huge intelligence , )even then with my minimum vocabulary and understanding, i feel it as some sort of promoting EMA . Y dont ur team bring thevstory of a victim who was betrayed upon due 2 their spouse adultery. Their emotional trauma.... OH!!! I can understand... not spicy enough... isnt it?

Sawmya: Neha madam what r u trying to convey with this article. A man having sex with an older woman . Please dont promote it.if u feel that these r basic human instincts which have to b heard from their perspective then u write about the feelings of a rapist ,his desires his instincts . Cant u get the simple logic that two innocent spouses r betrayed upon? On wat basic r u people (team bonobology) promoting EMA AS DIVINE.

ViralStory: Sorry I don't agree with ur comment. It's basic human instinct everyone gets attracted. It's not promoting its just the feeling towards Opp sex which is quiet normal in society.


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