He chose me | Bonobology

He cheated. Why was mom sure that he'd always care?

Sudheer Nair
Sudheer Nair
Posted on : 10 Mar 2017

They had always been best friends and she never noticed any warning signs

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Mother's choice - Love for another man or Children? | Bonobology

Mamma don't go

Sreelata Menon
Sreelata Menon
Posted on : 24 Jan 2017

She said it was better for everyone if she left, but what kind of love makes that decision possible?

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The Unfaithful Husband | Bonobology

It was a fairy-tale marriage till...

Neeraj Chawla
Neeraj Chawla
Posted on : 18 Jan 2017

He had a fairy-tale marriage with his college sweetheart, but then he fell in love with his secretary

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Why I continue to stay married to my cheating husband | Bonobology

Why I continue to stay married to my cheating husband

Posted on : 15 Jan 2017

It's not easy to stay married to someone who has cheated on you. And yet, she chose to do it.

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How to forgive after getting cheated | Bonobology

Forgiving my partner's affair to reclaim my life

Vivek Surendran
Vivek Surendran
Posted on : 15 Nov 2016

He trusted her, but was the trust strong enough to forgive her transgression?

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How Forgiving An Affair Stopped Me From Killing Myself | Bonobology

When forgiving an affair stopped me from killing myself

Renica Rego
Renica Rego
Posted on : 08 Sep 2016

Life could have been a withered mess but my spiritual journey gave me the courage to find acceptance and peace

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A Relationship Hell Where My Wife Had An Affair With My Father | Bonobology

Through Hell, but BACK!

Soul searcher
Soul searcher
Posted on : 24 Aug 2016

The anguish that an affair brings, to both the cheat and the cheated, results in lifelong bitterness, and often, a separation. But some peop...

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When An Affair After Marriage Becomes As Mundane As Marriage | Bonobology

An affair she regrets

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 02 Aug 2016

The inevitability of becoming another quotidian couple broke up her love affair, but by then, she had lost a lifelong companion and her daug...

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