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The analysis of a serial cheater (Male)

Handsome Man

The behavior exhibited by the subject seems to be a constant across addictions. In his formative years, his parents looked the other way and with various partners and finally his spouse, giving way to the individual to go full hog and enjoy a dual life. In his eyes, they are all same – they accepted his behavior.

He abhors consistently in relationships but wears a mask, as he projects himself as the dutiful husband and father. Asexuality is what he practices in his marriage and at the same time copulates or flirts with any and every woman across the globe. His need for ‘companionship’ or self-gratification makes him go the extra mile in earning frequent flyer points with personal advertisements. Grooming himself is the key ingredient for a sense of empowerment and excitement.

Fornication across the gender divide transsexuals too are on his hit list. The idea to sexually satisfy himself with anyone gives him an ego and sexual boost. An individual who exhibits this sense of upmanship over family shows that he is entitled, extremely selfish and self-centered. He ‘needs’ the family around for reasons best known to him, but shuns them when it does not suit him. He knows that he holds the purse strings and has the power over his family financially. Believing that he is the provider he keeps his family ‘warm’ should the house of cards falls down.

The subject is a manipulator and will leave no stone unturned to reach his goal. His idea is to get as many people on his side with fake tales of bravery, exaggeration, humor and other ‘intelligent’ forms of communication. He is well read, a master in his professional space and enjoys being the center of attention.

Given his need for enjoyment across – sex, food, liquor, fine living; to name a few, he creates a new persona as well. His physical appearance may change as he projects himself in a new avatar – he has recreated himself and is pleased with the outcome. He is not answerable to anyone.

His lies flow like water from a tap, which is now part of his strategic lifestyle. He is amazed at the ‘power’ he exercises over people and pats himself on the back at his master stroke of genius. When pleaded upon to turn his life around he cites an injury and lack of face thereby leaving the other party unsure of where they stand. He is enthralled at his craftsmanship and laughs all the way to the bank.

Final Thoughts

So why would he change his position and behavior for anything? He prides himself on his nomadic lifestyle and a false sense of security. An actor par excellence, he prides himself on his acting prowess as he can bring on the waterworks based on the mood and moment. He takes pride that his skill of master manipulator will gain him accolades back home. Overall, this type of person will never give up his needs, desires, aspirations, and lifestyle for a life of love, companionship, and happiness.

His choice – sex, money, power, control, fast life

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