The best holiday place with my love

bed with book & blanket

My hubby, a shy kind, isn’t really home as it comes to occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays or wedding anniversary when one is supposed to express one’s feelings through words, gestures, love notes or greeting cards. Loving me deep down his heart, he is absolutely on pins and needles when such an occasion rises.

I would often be frustrated initially because my special days would go not the way I romanticized in my reveries. But as time rolled on, I got to know how he respected me as a partner, how he would see to it that all my needs were satisfied, how he loved me profusely, I was more content a being.

Ours being a love marriage, we sought to make a real good impact on each other’s families, would prioritize the need more than anything. We therefore let go  of our plan for honeymoon even, keeping in mind,  my sis in law was soon to deliver.

So, never really thought at what place could we be the happiest as a couple.

With kids, whenever we have holidayed, he is more of a dad than a hubby. To my mind therefore, our own beautiful home is the best place where we are the wildest beautiful creatures as lovers. Our bed, like quoted by the great romantic bard John Donne, is the centre of the universe, our bedroom walls, the sphere!

We have been to various places together with kids, at times just the two of us, but home is the place where I can be bowled over by his purely unexpected spurts of love.

Be it the kitchen when attendants  are not around, the washroom where I’m still sorting out the laundry, the dressing room when I’m setting my sari pleats, almost anywhere in our home!


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