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THE BIRTHDAY NIGHT- a tale to tell forever

Birthday night

The night had arrived. 7.55 pm on the clock. She felt sensuous when she saw her reflection in the mirror. A black little layered satin dress held up with thin single straps on the shoulders. Black stilettos completed her slim and tall look. She had used her favorite body bronzer cream with golden hues. She left her hair open as he loved them that way.

The car revved up on her street lane and like always she could hear it from a mile away. That was him. There were no two thoughts about it. She got down the lift with a big smile and a heart that had already begun to skip many a beat. As she emerged from her high rise building, she saw he was dressed in black too. Now that was some coincidence. Surprisingly tonight he had his convertible’s roof down which meant he was ready to show her off to the world.

She looked like a complete diva tonight. As he got down from the car to embrace her,he couldn’t take his eyes off her and felt doused at the sight he saw. She was shimmering in a golden touch, smelled like heaven and he felt dizzy at the thought that “She was his woman”!! After a soft peck on her cheek, he held the door open for her, moved close to her ears and whispered, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world.” she blushed and took her seat.

After a romantic and beautiful breezy drive, she saw them approaching huge gates to a resort situated on the outskirts of the city. The beach hadn’t left them throughout the drive with lot of tall trees around. After having parked, they walked together amidst the greenery, hand in hand towards the restaurant he had booked for their dinner. She was nervous and excited. She looked down for a moment to notice that the pavement was now sandy and took her stilettos off beginning to walk bare foot. As she looked up again, she saw the most beautiful sight ever. Out on the beach with music playing in the background was a little place done with white flowing drapes and a white sofa in its cocoon. The entire set up overlooked the beach. There were candles and dim lights half hidden within the sand and the waves were making their way up to almost where the seating area was made. She turned and gaped at him, speechless.

He had been looking at her from the corners of his eyes all this while. He had especially planned and arranged this set up for her birthday and although it cost him a little fortune, the look on her face right then felt so much worth all the effort. He led her by the hand and comfortably seated her on the white sofas put out on the beach for them.

She was dumbstruck. The only way she could react was to bring him close to her body and hold him tight. She softly murmured. The beach, the lights, the waves and you. This is perfect right? He brushed his lips on hers and kissed her full on her lips till they could no longer breathe. YES, NOW IT IS PERFECT. They parted only to look into each other’s eyes. No words. No body around. Only the sound of music and the ocean waves holding the moment together. A bottle of red wine and some cheese filled olives(her favorite) were kept on the table upfront. They savored it quietly while sipping the wine, leaning onto one another watching the world upfront. Finally she stood up and walked down slowly to where the pier was leading the way up to the sea. He stayed back watching her. Like he always did. Somehow, ‘the sea and she’ together made him feel complete. Like he didn’t need anymore from the universe.

Once she reached the end of the pier, she looked up towards the starry sky, thanked the stars with her hands out and feel the water drops from the waves touch her body. In that moment, she felt his hands sliding down her waist from behind while his lips began to kiss her neck and shoulders. She stood there controlling herself till she felt she could bear no longer and began to move away. He pulled her back fiercely, pushed her towards the pier fence and caressed her body at that very spot. His hands and his lips exploring her from tip to toe while she just let herself stand there with whatever little life was left within her.

Both of them finally met each other’s eyes when she mumbled, ‘Make me yours tonight. Please! Can we leave?’ she asked finding a voice to herself. ‘Yes we should. I cannot wait anymore.’He spoke restlessly and pulled her while she ran along matching up to his excitement to where his car was parked! She laughed and said, “Don’t we need to pay the bill?” smiling back he said, ‘Everything has been taken care of.’

He was in so much longing for her. Every moment away from her, was getting all the more nerve wrecking for him. He turned up on the highway and sped the car at speeds that were competing with the adrenaline rush within him at that moment. ‘Hey! Slow down, we don’t want ourselves killed. Look at that old sedan next to you. You are overtaking him from the wrong side’, she anxiously told him.

‘That little oldie can manage itself, WE CANNOT.’ he smirked. He overtook the car and accelerated the engines when he saw the little car was trying to race up to them. ‘Really! You think you can overtake me on a night when my world is with me.’ But the little car seemed to be quite a powerful one and it just wouldn’t leave their trail. Finally the man in the car that was now adjacent to them gave him a sharp look from the car windows and flashed a card.

Both of them looked back and focusing on what was written on it, they read it almost aloud. The word “POLICE” read clean and clear. She looked at him, while he looked back. JUST THE KIND OF FIRST NIGHT WE HAD IMAGINED THIS TO BE. He finally pulled over the car but before stepping out, he looked back at her and said, on the brighter side, we can at least share this story with our children and their children one day!

She sat there frozen. Not because of the police encounter, but because she was engulfed with extreme shock and surprise, as in that very moment she realized what his intentions about them being together were.

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  1. Exciting read as always Antara… Now will re read the story from episode 1 to the last one and enjoy the novella experience!

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