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The blueberry cheesecake

blueberry cheesecake

Like many, my partner isn’t great in the kitchen department. So he is ideally a better co-chef in a no heat/no bake nature of dish. Hence in our case, I shall choose the BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE.

For starters , the hot climate in my city makes us yearn for cold, body cooling food items and both of us cheer up at the thought of satisfying our sweet tooth, not to forget mentioning it doesn’t require too much heat in the procedure either. So this is a win-win right from STEP 1. To top it all, BLUEBERRIES in just it’s name is romantic enough to motivate my otherwise lazy partner to put on his chef cap.

The crust these days is readily available in the bakeries, so we simply jump on to the next step that is, whipping the cream-cheese. Cream cheese and whipping, all feel naughty and are bound to bring some playful moments along with it. The tandem, uniformity, synchronized moves. Oh yes!! I am only talking about the whipping procedure to create a soft supple cheesy layer that shall go over the crispy crust. And who can beat partners when it comes to being in sync.

Now is the time to move on to the blueberry sauce. “making the sauce” is the fun step, what with blueberries at your disposal. Its turn for the blueberries to transform in a sauce , also fitting in the role play of little balls being thrown at each other and a few lucky ones that live to experience tantalizing smothering moments.

A little heat in this already heated up environment wouldn’t do too much harm. So after lighting the stove and stirring the little blueberries, they would make way for a thick, rich purple sauce.

Finally, the crust would make the solid-base, just as in our relationship which is strong and unmovable. The creamy cheesy layer poured atop taking shape of the crust that would hold it together. Just like the ever changing and sensitive emotions, relationships, challenges that fill our life but are sustained due to our strong trustworthy foundation. And then top it with the rich blueberry sauce, that makes the topmost layer, visible to others, the winning quotient that keeps us together in love and let the world know “This is one beautiful couple”.

And then while our beautiful creation enjoys some freezing time, we can freshen up with a cold shower to finally enjoy our mouth relishing cheesecake and catch up on a romantic movie in the warmth of each other.

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