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The bond that can never unbind

couple in love

I and you,

You and me

when together, what do we need?

Rules, O! the wretched rules

Do we need it dear, in our deeds

Rules are rigid, but I am happy to see

You smiling at me,

I am dying to be in your cosy arms,

It is the only place where I can plead

And it is the only place where you are calm

I know, you know we all know

That we don’t need to read

any books,

no need to demonstrate

My love for you,

for decades , it will tread

I just need to be with you ,

Hold me close to your heart, little closer

Why should we be bothered about the woes?

My rules  only bend to you

I know your rules too

bend to me

What should we care about dear, let our lips say

the glorious two decades we celebrate in lip lock

Do we ever need to unfold our untold story?

Of our ever nourishing love

fortifying with the growing years

I know our love will never fade

and that we will pervade all the gates

And combat to a romantic bliss even after our sweet twenties

The only rule we follow is that we care about US just

I and you,

You and me

when together, what do we need?

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