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The chains of humanity

Emotional Attachment roots

Being humans, we have the special power to thing. That power makes us ecstatic, and then it turn into a nemesis and we don’t get time to acclimatize. I have always believed in logical thinking, and this post won’t be without its logic. All my readers out there, sit down with a sheet of paper and make a tree with five branches. Now, quote one problem of your life on each branch of the tree. That’s it, let me draw the roots of the tree you just made. I will draw only two gigantic roots, and tag them as mentioned below:



Sounds absurd, think deeply about all the issues of your life and get back to this post. I am sure you’d agree with the point I am trying to make. The roots which are supposed to keep us firm, they nurture each leaves of our life. Then the leave grow old, getting ready to shed. And we begin to crib about the loss of those leaves. I would like to write a message here:

Do not find your roots in others, be your own root. When the leaves get dried up, you won’t be caught in the enigma of gloom and sadness.

When the chains were created by us
Then why all the dramatic fuss
Why the complaints about being in cage
When the door is open since a decade
What is left for us to gain
When the medicine has become the pain


I would love to continue the discussion with my fellow intellects here. Bring on your views.

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  1. Be your own root. That’s true. But if we can get a firm grip on our own emotions, they can be channelised into our strength. Emotions do not necessarily make us weak. If we can control our emotions, then one need fear in extending one’s branches and connecting with people. 😉

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