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The close connection

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” Your crush is standing right ahead of you. Do you want to say hello?’, says my husband grinning. I smile back at him with a twinkle in my eye and reply, ‘ sure, why not?’

For most people, this exchange would raise eyebrows, but between my husband and me, this is normal.. Yes,you hear me right- this is NORMAL and perhaps this is the one thing about him that I never wish to change, We live in a world where a marriage changes every second and most the the times it kills or curbs a whole lot of feelings in a man and a woman. Unfortunately we still live in a world where a friendship between a man and a woman is looked upon with suspicion. I feel fortunate to have a husband who listens to me with great enthusiasm when I tell him about other men whom i find hot and irresistible or those who find me attractive. We share a laugh about it…joke about it…Infact, he even teases me most days saying ‘ now who has confessed his un-dying love for you’. And this is what connects us more closely- his open -ness and acceptance of my feelings…or rather, my honest feelings .

When most of my female friends be-friend a guy, they generally keep that part of their life hidden from their spouse. It comes as a great shocker to them when I tell them that my husband not only knows of all my male friends but also spares no opportunity to tease me about the ones I find extremely cute. When I get serious and ask him, whether it makes no difference to him when I talk about other males, his answer leaves me with a sense of Peace and pride and re-affirms why I will love him till eternity. He says, ” why should only a husband make his wife feel special? why cannot other men do it? You cannot stop anyone from loving you. Let them. I will start worrying the day you react to them in a positive way. I have a lot of faith in you.’ As i ponder over this, I realise that sometimes, its easy to give love in a relationship… but what makes it more special is when the person you love, gives you the freedom to live and to grow in all possible ways.


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