The colorful couch

Santosh Kumar Mohan
colorful pencils

If you ask me, there are no golden rules to marriage. Unless, you want rules to govern a relationship as sensitive and precarious like Marriage.< I would rely on some basics - yes, would like to call them basics to maintain the sanity of the institution. Marriage isn't a casting couch, it's a choice that you make in your lives to live your live with someone else. It could be an individual you know or you don' t know. Precisely, that’s why it's called ‘Marriage’. An union of 2 similar or dissimilar individuals who decide to share their lives with each other by taking an oath that decides to discriminate between pre and post wedding blues is called ‘Marriage’. Marriage is more of a phenomenon than an attribute to be swooned around in a silk robe. Mind you, not everyone is capable enough to handle a phenomenon. It's niche, and easily despicable. Yet, the most beautiful of relationships that human kind has ever discovered and practised is ‘Marriage’. Marriages are self developed syndromes of human nature. And usually, marriages don't last for grossly fickle minded people. You meet, you have sex and then you have more sex. Yes, this is not marriage. In fact, few realise that Marriage is much beyond the realms of sex and lust. Marriage is the sanity of human beings we usually don't dwell upon. We are busy people, and we don't have time for sanity. That's, predominantly us. Marriages strive, loathe and survive on the reciprocation of individuals. I think most married people become so sublime in their relationships that they forget to do the basics. Love, respect, empathy, communication, honesty. These are few infamous components of marriage that look awfully simple but eminently difficult to compose and deliver. Well, these are the demands of a cordial and self infused married life. Yes, marriage is no rule. It's a commitment with no breaches. Just love, more love and promises from the heart.

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Ayushi Vaidya
Ayushi Vaidya August 21, 2017 - 8:10 pm

Just love, more love – can pass for the only basic sometimes.

Santosh August 24, 2017 - 5:30 pm

True. It is the foundation, there are so many other factors that encompass the relationship. Key is to understand, learn to forgive and forget.

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