Moon was the princess of the Night,

And Sun, the scorching warrior of the days,

Nobody knew when they started dating,

But they were in love always.

The Night stood in between,

Obeying the Darkness his only queen,

Sent out for his stars to guard the Moon,

To keep the balance of nature in tune,

Love was treacherous, the princess now learned,

Sobbing for her love she miserably burnt.

The Sun grew red in rage when he knew,,

He cried, his tears turned into morning dew

Wrapping his love in flames unafraid he stood,

Kept waiting for his Moon as long as he could.

Troupes of clouds, the Night then sent,

To kill the stubborn Sun and bring his end;

D clouds instead consoled his love,

Covered him ,protected him when the Night was above.

Love was agonized n suffering all odd;

The Darkness was blinded as a curse by God.

The Sun was lonesome still fighting with intense,

Restless was the moon she melted in his absence.

The moon gracefully shun shackled by night,

Tearfully giving her the demanded light;

Silently longing and crying for the coming dawn,

To catch a glimpse of the sun her life’s crown.

For years they suffocated, torn in bits;

Listening to each other’s’ fading heartbeats,

Frozen in time and held at each breath,

Sentenced for life to keep hanging till death.

Desperately chasing each other but would always miss,

They gambled their last luck for a dying breath’s wish;

A breath of life and a moment of kiss,

So once in a decade God created an eclipse.

(C) Vishal Kashyap


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