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The French vacation

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The country that I would love to visit with my partner would be France.

When a cousin of mine went on a Europe tour a few months ago with her friends and sent me completely envy-inciting photographs of the places she was visiting and what she was doing there everyday—that was when me and my girlfriend had decided that we would surely visit France together because France seemed the most enigmatic of all the countries she had visited.

My cousin told me that every person in France was like a mini tour guide. They’ll tell you everything from where to go, what to eat, what to see, and what to skip because there’s so much to do in France that no one can see all of it in a week or two. A couple can sit the whole evening at a cafe, talking and looking at the beautiful city which itself a piece of art, and that could be one of the most romantic evenings of their lives.

We both have grown up watching movies—both Hollywood and Bollywood which are set in Paris. There’s something essentially enchanting about those open-air Parisian markets, Notre-Dame Cathedral, or veal ragout, or the majestic Eiffel that boasts of three proposals every hour, or an evening trip by a canoe to the Island of the Temple of Love or the French atmosphere itself that fills the hearts of lovers with joie de vivre. Like Audrey Hepburn said in Sabrina, “Paris is always a good idea.”

Also, my girlfriend is a big history buff who has keen interest in art. So, I would love to visit The Louvre with her which boasts of the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and countless others. The cuisine is another reason why France is my favourite destination, and its capital is the gastronomic hub of France and all of Europe in fact, and is known for croissants and cheese souffle, but even simple things like bread and cheese in France are better than half the food in all of Europe. Not just the food, France is renowned for producing some of the best wines in the world.

Another misconception among many people is that France is that there is nothing is France outside of Paris. There are a number of cities like Bordeaux, Cannes, Chamonix, Chartres, Clermont-Ferrand, Marseille, Nice, etc, which have tons of activities for couples to do together.

The Vallée Blanche cable car ride in Chamonix Valley presents the Alps in their most dramatic, unforgettable form.

The fountain shows and musical gardens of Palace of Versailles give rise to an unmatched serenity and a sense of connection with the rich French history.

Antibes, a lovely little town, famous for the the Picasso Museum is a site where the eponymous mastero spent a lot of time painting. Also, kayaking in the clearest waters of the Mediterranean by the busy port city of Marseille would be something that me and my girlfriend would cherish wholeheartedly because she loves boating and I love the sea.

Lastly, I know a bit of French and my cousin told me that it changes your whole experience of the French vacation and turn it into a once in a lifetime adventure.

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  1. Whoa! Certainly seems like one amazing trip. *_* Even I was checking out the pictures of this girl from my college. She shared a minimum of ten pictures just in front of Eiffel Tower. I got major jealousy burns!

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