The Fusion Reaction


Locked out and heart beating at triple his usual heart rate! He was just a few steps away from holding the love of his life telling him she loved him too!! But! Damn this door! Damn him! If only he could have delayed his exit by another couple of moments! Five minutes had passed while he had been ringing the bell to her apartment non stop. He decided she wasn’t waking up and he would have to wait until tomorrow morning to watch the most beautiful chapter of his life unfold. With a big build up of emotions he left her apartment and realized he just wouldn’t be able to get any sleep tonight. Something made him take the exit to the same beach where he had experienced their last romantic encounter. Parking his car at the same spot, he stepped out and lay down on the car bonnet watching the starry sky right above him. He could see her mesmerizing eyes and magical smile in the sky, teasing him, running away while he wanted to catch hold of her and never let her go.

It was 2 am when she suddenly felt her eyes open. Her head felt heavy and she was confused at the happenings of the day. After a good five minutes she saw the glass of lemonade next to her and the entire proceedings of the evening flashed before her eyes.

She remembered how he had exited her apartment while she had just confessed!! Confessed? Had she really let out her feelings for him? She looked at the watch and realized almost four hours had passed since their encounter. Should she call him up? Or would it be best to wait until morning. Her heart craved to listen to his voice. She dialed his number and the bell rang on the other end. Just two rings later his passionate voice was there. And the man behind that voice loved her the most in the world. Her heart told her.

He had dozed off watching the starry sky when his phone suddenly rang. He couldn’t trust his eyes when he saw her name flashing on the screen. It was 2 a.m! ‘Hey! Where are you? I am sorry I passed out completely!’ her voice quavered. ‘I don’t know what to say. But I think you already heard what I had to.’ The nervousness in her voice was so evident, he found it cute. He chuckled and said, “You are something, I hope you know that! I never knew people could confess love while shouting and being angry. But then this is you I am dealing with. So unpredictable! Well the good news is, I realized I couldn’t go home in the state you left me in, and so I decided to come here at the beach instead. I am just a couple of minutes away from you”. He could feel her smile on the other side. “Good”, the words came out spontaneously out of her. “Let’s begin our journey together from where it first started. I am driving down and shall see you right there. Wait for me”. Before he could even say something, she had disconnected the line and had quickly slipped into a little lemon coloured frock to meet her prince charming. Only, this Cinderalla was wearing flip flops tonight.

He was impatiently walking up and down the road when her car parked just behind his. The door opened right then and there she was like an angel out of heaven. His feet were frozen and he couldn’t even move one step. She walked slowly following his gaze and when she was just two steps away from him, he moved back. She couldn’t understand. He moved further back and stopped again. She then realized he was opening his arms out to her. What followed were the most romantic words she had ever heard anyone say to her. ‘I love you. I really do. I am in love with your eyes, your smile, your body and your soul. All I ask of you is to let me love you. I think of you even when I am with you. It is crazy.I am getting crazy.’

As soon as he had finished these words, she blushed and ran into his arms. He circled her round like a little girl, her arms up in the sky thanking the universe for this beautiful moment in their life. She looked down and said,I love you too and for everything else you said to me. Its DITTO.

And with these words, while still in his arms, she lost her balance, and was just about to fall down, when he quickly held her tight and took the wrath of the road instead. She fell atop on him and while his strong body didn’t feel much, he still said OUCH!! She looked into his eyes, her body upon his, and said. “This is just the beginning my HERO”. With that, he pulled her down to him and they kissed and explored each other on the beach side, like there was no tomorrow.






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