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The Goan Romance


This story is about cementing relationships among six people with love,magnanimity and a pragmatic approach to life.

The story revolves around the protagonists Nidhi and Vivek. Nidhi my schoolmate is a friendly,vivacious and a chilled out person.Born in a middle class family,eldest among her three siblings,had always wanted to do something unconventional in life.She graduated in humanities,while graduation she kept a good social life.She hated being a bookworm and she took out time for socialising and parties.Being outgoing she had made quite a few friends in the defence services.Friends invited her for their parties, they brought a zing in her prosaic life. During one of these parties,she was introduced to a Black Cat Commando posted in her home town in U.P. Both developed an instant liking for each other and soon cupid struck.They were keen to tie the knot but Major Ravi’s mother was dead against the match.He being a South Indian and Nidhi a North Indian,his mother did not like the idea of an intercultural marriage. She blackmailed him to marry a girl of her choice but he was hell bent to marry Nidhi. He was even keen to elope but Nidhi was not interested to do anything which would defame her family.She did not want to carry on the relationship.During this time period she got an epiphany  to join the hospitality sector. She sat for the hotel management exam and managed to procure admission in Goa for her course.She was thrilled beyond words,she knew she would procure a good job and might even go to foreign shores.She wanted to move ahead in life and forget the past. She soon landed in Goa.

“Sometimes good things fall apart,so better things can fall together.-Marilyn Monroe.

Life in Goa started on a tough note,her mind was going through an ocean of mixed emotions,she was facing different problems and prime was the accomodation problem.

She decided to speak to her maternal uncle as he had contacts and he would definitely help her.She broached her problem and he gave her an address of a naval officer posted in the aviation wing in Goa. He was well acquainted with him and he knew the officer would help her out. Nidhi met him and he helped solve her problem He became her local guardian.Both Nidhi and the officer developed a deep camaraderie with each other.

Both were facing similar situations in life and they started opening up with each other. Vivek  too being high spirited,open minded and fond of fun.He too felt jilted in love,which was only one sided.He had been infatuated by a family friend’s daughter but the girl did not reciprocate his feelings.She only had brotherly feelings for him.His first crush had not been successful. Nidhi too told him about her ex flame.Soon both became close and Vivek proposed to Nidhi. The tsunami in her mind,ebbed with happy feelings and she accepted.

Both were coming from liberal families,though both belonged to different communities.Their parents were ready and soon they tied the knot.

Life began on a happy note and within no time they became parents to a lovely daughter whom they named after Vivek’s first crush.

The Major could not forget Nidhi and through  some sources he managed to procure her address.Without giving an inkling he landed at her door step. Vivek instead of hating him,treated him like a bosom pal. He became a good host and welcomed him well. He still wanted to maintain a healthy friendship with Nidhi, in spite of being married. Vivek was understanding about it and till date they have maintained this friendship.His wife too is friendly with Nidhi. Nidhi  on her part has kept the friendship with Vivek’s first crush,who too is married.

As Oscar Wilde has said”Ultimately the bond of companionship,whether in marriage or friendship is conversation.”

Vivek can be said to be an epitome of magnanimity,his mature and genial approach to the situation has amalgamated friendship among six people.

The major has left the defence services and is now a South Indian film maker.He intends to make a flick on this relationship,a tribute to friendship which would be emotionally,etched on peoples mind.

This story is an eye opener for young couples,whose relationship breaks at a drop of a hat.Marriage is all about give and take.Honesty and commitment can do wonders to a relationship.

Dr.Preeti Talwar

Bio-A science doctorate, proof reader and freelance writer

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