The Hangover and The Aftermath!!

She woke up with a hangover. A hangover of the love potion she had gulped down last night. But the night had ended so abruptly, she had been so unsure of what to do. With a heavy heart and nervousness that had engulfed her all over, she went to shower. What would the upcoming day at office be like. Only time would tell. She chose a baby pink shirt, grey trousers and nude colored wedges for her day’s look. She had an evening drinks party hosted by the management for the office team as their CEO had flown down from London to see them all.

At the office gate, this was her third attempt to get the door open, her fingers had been trembling and the thumb recognition wasn’t able to recognize her print. She calmed herself for a moment, took a deep breath and pushed her thumb into the space again. The green light flashed and the doors opened up, welcoming her into her warm space, which for some reason felt cold and quiet this morning. Her cubicle was just behind his. So when she sat, their backs would face each other. She entered the space where the core team sat and saw him right across in his Dad’s office. He was standing across his dad’s desk, his back facing her, so she quickly jumped into her cubicle and settled down.

Ten minutes later, the door opened and she felt his familiar walk approaching her. She shut her eyes for a moment. Turning her rotating chair, with a subtle smile she said, Hi!! Morning!! Nothing more. Now it was his turn, what would he say. How would things change at office between them. This wasn’t looking easy for her. It felt so awkward. Hello! And he sat down in his chair while continuing to sip his morning black coffee.

Hello? That was it? Gosh! He was giving her the cold shoulder, the cold look, behaving as if nothing had happened and this made her feel all the more vulnerable.

He had been through a tough night. He had made up his mind. He couldn’t act and be just her colleague. He would kill his feelings before it even began to affect his work and well being. The more he vouched for it, the more her face flashed in front of his eyes. She looked beautiful today. Pink and grey felt like his favorite colors at the moment. C’mon! Stop it!! Concentrate and get on with your work. You have many million dollar accounts waiting for you to focus on!

The day went by and the drinks session was here. They were all seated at the bar table, with a few roaming around, discussing their lives with each other. The intention was to break the ice between office mates. She saw him in conversation with two women colleagues, smiling his way through, while both the ladies enjoyed his witty, handsome and humorous self. She could tell, he was doing this on purpose. Some prawn crackers arrived along with Sushi and they gathered to get a bite. There were sounds of forks and knives being used, when of a sudden, he shouted out pointing towards her. C’mon people, let us get our new recruit to use a chopstick to pick up her prawn cracker. Everyone laughed, because they were confident of enjoying a clumsy funny scene before them. The prawn cracker was thin n tiny. She walked towards the table looking straight into his eyes. Without moving her eyes away, she picked up a pair of chopsticks lying on the table, and before he could even get his eyes off her, to see how she handled this unprepared situation, she confidently placed the chopstick in between her fingers, as if they were her long time pets, got the prawn-cracker up, took a little bite with her pink glossy lips and went back talking to her friend she had been in conversation with. Wow!!! Now that was some attitude! A few team mates laughed, some people clapped while he was left astounded and dumbstruck!! He should have known better. She was no ordinary girl. He wouldn’t have felt this way for her in the first place otherwise. God, how he loved her. How was he going to get past this!! He glanced back at her, when he saw she was now playing his game too. She was fully enjoying the company of two new male recruits and sipping a bit more of her drink than she usually did. In one month’s time since she had joined, he had figured out, she was not a heavy drinker, and just over a few drinks could make her tipsy and out of her normal senses. He was jealous that she was getting other male attention, all the more because she was enjoying it. He was worried. He wanted to pull her to himself and take her away from this crowd. The drinks got over and he went straight to her. Come with me, you need to go home. “No thanks, I am fine”. Her voice was enough to let him know, she was in her tipsy state.

It was getting dark, so he quietly pulled her towards the lift and pressed B2, where his sports car was parked in its usual place. He got her into the passenger seat of his two seater and quickly took position into the driver’s seat. The car engines roared up and for a moment she was quiet. Five minutes into the drive, she turned towards him, and opened her lips only to blurt out the words, “You are so mean!”. He shot her a side glance and looked straight back on the road. She continued. You spent time with the girls to make me jealous. You tried to embarrass me with the chopstick. Thank God for my parents’ perfect grooming!! And when it was my turn to enjoy others’ company, you couldn’t handle it and got me here. I need to go back. Stop the car!! He continued driving, ignoring all that she was mumbling. They reached her apartment. He pushed onto the brakes and the car came to a sudden halt. “Can’t you even drive properly. Thanks for your help anyway”. She sounded so bitter. Getting out, she realized how heavy her head was. Her feet felt wobbly. By this time he had leapt out of the car and was holding her in his tight embrace to keep her up on her feet. All through the lift journey, she continued talking. “You don’t want to understand me, you were so cold all day and you simply wish to spoil what we have”. So on and so forth she went. They were at her apartment door. He opened the door with the keys from her pockets and took her in. He lay her down in her bed and firmly said for once. “Be quiet and lie down”. She followed his instructions like an obedient student. He bent down to search the fridge contents, searching for some lemonade. He found some and poured it into a glass. “Take this”. She remained unmoved. He repeated sternly. “Take this and drink it.” This time she did “And if you are done talking, I shall take a leave”. The moment he had uttered these words, she felt so angry. He moved backwards watching her and turned to leave. She started to talk again, this time almost in tears and about to pass out. He heard her talk while he turned the knob and exited himself. The final words came out like a shock to him. “Leave me alone. And I shall never tell you, how much I love you.” With these words the door locked itself from inside, she passed out on her bed and he was left out of the apartment, standing there like a rock, who had just got hit by the coolest and biggest wave of the ocean.

Had she just confessed, she was in love with him? And had he just locked out himself at such a moment?

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