The happy ever after experience

Happily ever after experience

Here is a true story of a couple who have been married for over 25 years. Their love and affection for each other stand the test of time.

Leo and Maria (nickname Seeli) met in the year 1988 through an arranged alliance. Their union, destined by God, saw the two of them totally in love with each other on the wedding day, she the shy bride looking radiant and Leo dapper in his clean cut suit. The honeymoon was not one with the same old story line that we read about, it was real.

After a couple of years, to explore job opportunities overseas, they tried their luck in Zambia, Africa where they lived with relatives. Unfortunately, the market was not conducive and they had to return to Bangalore. The financial situation was not comfortable. Leo then decided to look for a job in the Middle East. Seeli worked in Bangalore at a well-known hospital but the financial situation was not as it should have been.

An opportunity arose for a nurse overseas and after deliberating, she accepted the job. Leo took up the challenge and worked his way as well in Bangalore. He took care of the kids (a girl and a boy). His family pitched in along the way. He is the only son and his sisters stepped in and took care of the kids as their own. Seeli missed her children like crazy, but she had to work, as this was a necessity. On the job scene in Bangalore, things were not looking up for Leo as people were not looking for his professional experience.

Eventually, the situation improved. They never faulted with the education of their children who studied at good schools and colleges in Bangalore. Leo and Seeli do not see each other for 11 months in a year. It has been quite a number of years – though they have never been apart in mind and heart. Their love for each other grows through the years. And like every couple, they definitely have their fights but the making up, though miles away still gets them to smile and giggle.

Their two children have grown up to be wonderful human beings, very respectful to elders and are working at present. When you look at both Leo and Seeli, when she is back in Bangalore for Christmas every year, they are like a young married couple. It is as if time has stood still. To many who believe that relationships do not work, they need to take a leaf out of the book of these two lovebirds. They have weathered many storms and tell the tale of love like it is meant to be – simple and straightforward.

In the year 2013, they celebrated 25 years of married life. Leo could not take his eyes away from his lovely bride. She too glowed like the shy bride of years ago. When he tried to sing sweet nothings to her at their lovely party, she blushed like crazy. You cannot help but admire them for being able to stand the test of time and never giving into what most of us prefer to opt out of when things go south. To them, when the going gets tough, they instill their faith in God, love for each other and never give up.

Both of them have stable jobs today – Leo at a reliable firm in Bangalore, and Seeli in Maldives. The promise that they made in front of God over 25 years ago has given them the strength to go on. In a couple of months, their daughter is to be married to the love of her life. She, like her parents, is a lovely girl with stars in her eyes. Their son who is working now looks every bit like the two of them, dapper and very fashionable.

Leo and Seeli have fought the good fight. They withstand societal diktats; they do not let the difficulties tarnish their love for God and each other. Cheers to these two lovebirds whose fondness and love for each other knows no bounds.

Great going guys! To another 25 and counting!


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  1. Shobha_Lucky_Iyer

    Hearty Congratulations on 25years ….very admirable couple Leo and Seeli… they are an inspiration to the young generations of today ….where divorces; breakups; are on the rise

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