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The Hard Truth of a Couple

No relationship is all sunshine, but, what if, it is only darkness that covers it. Today, I am going to share an incident which I came across as a counsellor. It is a story of a girl who regrets her marriage every day and every moment. It is the life of Garima.

Garima was a girl from an upper middle class family staying in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. Her family was a bit conservative one. She was the only girl in the whole family and henceforth, was loved a lot more than her only younger brother. Be it school or college, someone or the other used to accompany her. She had never known how tough life can be. After completing her B.Sc., she took admission for MBA. While the family was busy searching groom for Garima, she was busy making herself and dreaming about the happiness she will have after marriage.

Finally, when she was in her final semester of MBA, the marriage got fixed. It was a purely arranged marriage. Garima had just seen the photograph of the guy. The would-be-husband was the Managing Director of a Germany based MNC, earning 15 lakhs per month. Although the guy was 12 years elder to Garima, both his looks and talent attracted her. Like all others, she started to build her dream home. As she said, on the day of the marriage when they first held each other’s hand in front of the priest, she was overwhelmed. She felt that this big guy was just mine. Certainly, a feeling to be treasured. The family expended all their savings in Garima’s marriage to meet up to the dowry expectations.

In the first night, Garima came closer to her husband and yes, they made it. In the following days, the husband used to take her for some weekend parties and force her to drink. She did it once, but felt badly sick. The guy insulted her in front of all. The dream started to change to a nightmare.

Within a week of marriage after shifting to her husband’s flat in Gurgaon, Garima discovered dresses of some other lady in her husband’s cupboard. When she questioned him, he replied that he was living together with a lady for the last 7 years. But due to astrology mismatch, they couldn’t marry. The family forced him to marry Garima as they wanted the dowry to get their daughter married. He added that he still loved that lady Sunita, who was a CA and the marriage with Garima was just a game.

Garima was shattered. What to do??? Whom to say??? She had nothing to do, none to say. She cried all day, all night being all alone in the flat. The husband didn’t return. In the meantime, she also found out that the guy is leaving with that lady to Germany for an onsite project and even the tickets are ready. Now???

After discussing this with her husband, Garima dragged herself into more problems. The guy locked her in the room and tortured her in several ways. Garima was getting frustrated and depressed. Even he conspired with his girlfriend to push her down from the 23rd floor apartment and present it as a suicide due to mental breakdown.

One night when Garima was getting beaten by her husband, one of the neighbors rescued her and dropped her at her parent’s place. The parents were shocked to see Garima in that condition. They contacted the in-laws, but the simple reply was that they are not interested. By that time, the guy had already left India.

Garima was exhausted, tired. She almost gave up living. At that time, I met Garima. I listened to the whole incident and personally discussed the same with her husband and in-laws to understand the actuality and severity of the case. When nothing worked, I asked the family to raise a police complaint and file a case. The assaults were also reported to sexual harassment bench. All this while, I tried to bring back the spirit of life inside Garima.

The guy is still not back. But, Garima is now better. She has lost her faith in love. But, still she is waiting badly for the guy, not for staying together, but to get a single sign in the divorce paper.

P.S. – Garima is presently pursuing an associate degree in Law and aspires to become a Law Officer in one of the top MNCs.

Love sometimes comes like a dream but leaves like a nightmare…

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