Married Life

The important lesson I learnt from my mother-in-law after she died

Although she knew acquiring material possessions is not ideal, it took her mother-in-law to bring home the lesson to her
Clutter in the house

I remember when I got married I entered my hubby’s house with one suitcase. My husband had already bought the essential furniture and things needed for our married life. Subsequent trips to my parents’ place yielded more and more household goods being added to my home. Only when we moved did I realise how much I had accumulated. My husband’s friend cracked a joke saying that my husband had arrived with one suitcase and now one truck is needed for the move.

The detritus of married life

We have moved from one city to another without losing a thing, thanks to me. Finally, when we settled down in our own permanent house, we added more furniture and more appliances, though my hubby objected. The rooms had plenty of cupboards to store things. The excitement and enthusiasm of having our own house got me into a buying spree. And now our house became flooded with decorative items, clothes, toys, books, etc. These things must be carefully stored so that it does not spoil the ambience of the house.

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  1. We have formed a group in our complex called minimalists. We give away things bought and not used or rarely used – helps in may ways…. trying to do our bit for clutter free homes

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