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The Letter

What do you want me to write tonight, my love?

For every word of mine is a gift from you to me.

Let me not pen down the usual letters, maybe.

It’s mundane, reminding you of my loneliness,

All the promises you made since the beginning.

You are gone, miles and miles away far away from me.
Leaving me cold, haunted by memories.

Aching for those arms and that smile.

So let’s not allow the high tides of my heart to rise.

Eroding away my shores, leaving me teary eyed.

Maybe, I will dip the pen in the ocean of passion

And spell out those unfulfilled dreams I have seen of you and me.

Ones you have never heard, ones you promised to build upon.

Giving you hope from a distance,

Paving your path to come back home.

– Rajashree Basu

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