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The Lingering Longings


The Lingering Longings

I tossed on my bed for long, unable to close my eyes.

The jig saw pieces of a shameful episode kept dancing across my mind.

Aditya had one afternoon visited my house.

I’d given him a back door entry.

He, on a whim, had kissed me the moment I had shut the door…from within.

I’d put the tea pan on gas while he was surveying all the rooms in my house.

I could easily recall the very words exchanged between us.

‘It is nice!’ he said.

‘I know it’s not. It is just okay. Thanx; anyways! ’

‘Where’s the tea you invited me for?’

‘Cool down till it boils.’ I laughed.

‘Why waste time?’ he moved his fingers through my curly locks.


‘Your hair was straight, I suppose?’

‘I got them curled.’ I lied.

‘Dad allowed you to go for a thing like this?’ he asked, surprised.

‘Kidding. I actually did it myself.’

‘Rollers; right?’

‘Reynolds pen on wet hair; you fool!’ I laughed.

‘Art!’ he laughed, slowly pulling me to the circumference of his arms and then gently pushing me on bed.

‘Gone mad or what?’ I protested.

‘Don’t panic! I’m doing nothing. Just…’ he mumbled, throwing himself on me.

He buried his face under my chin.

His breaths vaporized mine.

I was as if hypnotized.

I grew so twitchy under his masculine weight that I at once alienated myself.

We breathed hard; so hard so that the aroma of tea reached our nostrils.

‘Tea! Tea must be ready!’ I sprang up at once, collecting my dupatta.

‘Do you think I’m a puppet to dance to the tune you play?’ he asked a trifle annoyed.

‘Hey! Take it easy!’

‘Don’t ever call me again to meet you. Meeting you is no fun!’

‘I’ll remember next. Tea?’ I rushed to the kitchen.

There was a lump of smoke leaping out of the kitchen to cover the small house very soon. The mixture had all gone evaporated. There was nothing left in the tea pan except for the tea residues.


I coughed ceaselessly.

Aditya coughed too.

‘Shhh!’ I cautioned him.

‘????? Can’t I even…?’ he asked in a whisper.

‘Buaji next door! I told you!’

He indicated towards the exhaust fan.

I smiled, switching it on.

‘Shit! The power cut!’

‘Damn it!’

‘Remember me by the tea pan. I must leave now.’ he whispered.



‘Shut up!’

‘You shut up!’


‘No bye!’ he had left pretending displeasure not however forgetting to give me a parting little kiss.

I sank in my bed and cried in silence till sleep overtook me.

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Maya Khandelwal

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