The MIL and DIL Conundrum

Marriage for a girl and boy means immense happiness,shared dreams,passions,living happily forever.

Is this so?

Whether love or arranged marriages are not a bed of roses. The minute the DIL enters the threshold of a house,the MIL who has brought her lovingly into the house feels threatened by her presence. The thought of sharing her loving and dutiful son with someone else, the (DIL is always considered an outsider)is difficult for her. Seeing her son enjoy with the outsider becomes a bone of contention and that creates a rift in the MIL and DIL relationship.

My own experience as a DIL has always been bad.My entry though by her own choice has been frowned upon.My cooking skills are not at par with hers, only she can cook delectable food for her son,his features are way better than mine,though highly educated, more than her son,yet it has no worth.For her my degree is a piece of paper which may have been bought. No contribution to the family kitty has made me worthless.My children’s upbringing compared to hers is not upto the mark, the kids do not possess their father’s features is again a blackmark.Nothing that i do is worthy but when she chose me for her son, I was the perfect girl.

She hates me spending quality time with her son
She pretents to be the most religious and ritualistic woman

What has happened suddenly that the perfect girl has become an eyesore.

She hates me spending quality time with her son and the minute I am out of sight, she poisons his mind against me. She rants in public about her worthless DIL.

She pretents to be the most religious and ritualistic woman who has no flaws. Seeing her hypocrisy I don’t believe in rituals or praying all day. A wolf in sheep clothing, foul mouthing the DIL, using choiciest expletives in front of friends and relatives to demean the DIL is her favourite passtime.

What did she want a literate maid abiding with her diktats or a life partner for her beloved son.

This conundrum has gone on for ages

Voicing our opinions against this injustice can change people.



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