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dzukou valley

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We both have a penchant of choosing the most offbeat locations to travel of which people have hardly heard about. Last year we went to Dzoukou Valley in Nagaland and it was our first trek together. Gosh, trekking can be so addictive!

Sleeping in the abandoned cottages with no electricity with zero noise where the falling dewdrops break the silence, having food cooked in the wood fire in the middle of the mountains, drinking icy cool water from the pristine streams and walking along the green Japfu mountains was an unforgettable experience in the lap of nature.

The biggest similarities I share with my husband is that we are both history buffs and a deep love for nature. So we plan to go for another trek, this time to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh is a bone of contention between China and India, maybe this dispute adds a hint of mystery to this place. We want to find out what is so special about this place that it makes two country go loggerheads at each other? It being a mountain town well known for its historic monastery, I guess it’s worth a dekko and that too on foot. To get the local flavour of the place trekking is perhaps the best option we feel. Tawang is also associated with Netaji who true Bengalis look up to as the true hero of India’s independence makes this place a top-priority in our pretty long bucket list.So we hope to land there pretty soon!!

There are several places in India that remains unexlpored. So it is our attempt to find out unexplored places in the Northeast and visit all the jungles of India. As a couple, I also love animals and living in the wild. The raw adventure there is so compelling!

Other than India, we dream to visit Italy to taste the amazing food and wine there and exploring the rich history is on our to-do list. Foodie and Carnivores as we are!!!

As the saying goes, the journey never ends and every end is a new beginning. There is so much to see that one destination is not enough.Similarly,there is no end to our search for the weirdest places on the global map and track it down. It is only the beginning of our journey together to the path of discovery and create memories that will be etched in our ‘mind’s camera.’

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  1. It seems you guys are onto a real travel trip as well getting to bond in the journey. Felt happy to read this blog. Keep travelling, keep capturing memories in your mind’s camera. 🙂

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