Sex and Passion

The one thing I want but she doesn’t

He thinks sex is all-important, she finds it less so
Man in Need

My wife Riya and I are made for each other except in one area, which to me is almost the entire script of married life and to her is merely a footnote. Yes, you guessed it – SEX.

We got married after a roller coaster romance. The first few encounters of the corporeal kind were blissful. We achieved an almost sublime lust quotient and I was on cloud 69, sorry 9.

I noticed the first wrinkles during the first day of our belated honeymoon. We were in Gulmarg, it was morning and the weather was just perfect for a warm-up. As I reached out to her, she snapped, “We can do this even at home. We have come here to see the sights. Let’s not waste time, and go out and enjoy.”

“WASTE TIME!” I was appalled. How could anyone call lovemaking a misuse of time? Could anything be more sacrilegious than this?”

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