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It was two a.m at night. I was drained after the role play of Superwoman and finally, he had exhausted himself to sleep. He looked so calm, with an innocent smile on his face. Like he was practicing deep soulful yogic meditation. But who could have imagined how breathless and spent he had got me until just a while ago. With these thoughts running through my mind I couldn’t stop gazing at this new found love in my life.

HE is my three year old baby boy and I, his God blessed mother. But hold on, before you think you had guessed it alright!! He isn’t “The other man of my life!!”

Until a few years ago, life for me was about being pampered by parents and throwing tantrums at my husband. I even cribbed at how my husband didn’t give me enough time or love and demanded childishly more of both. An hour in front of the mirror was usual to examine how aptly figured I looked, how the new heels went perfectly with my new dress and how I could still carry the eighteen year old look quite effortlessly. Life was beautiful. That’s when I yearned to take my bond with my partner to the next level and have a little human being we could call our own. A little innocent baby who would purr and yawn and snuggle within the warmth of my body. (Assumptions based on the T.V adverts that show babies in such light). How I wish I could sue them now!!!

Nine months into pregnancy, I had delivered a healthy baby boy. Wow, life had changed. He was adorable and the reason behind the best emotion I had embraced. Three months down, I looked into the mirror and a new reflection of mine. My hair was oiled back into a plaid (to prevent the unforseen attacks at my once nicely done hair), my hands smelled of baby poo and diaper cream instead of COCO CHANEL and my body resembled the state highways of India, bumpy where you least expect it. My image was no less than that of Cinderalla post midnight, only this Cinderalla wasn’t attending the ball with the prince charming anymore!!

Ever since I had ripened into a mother, most of the day went into examining a round pink buttock, catering to food calls every two hours by the clock (even the clock battery would drain but not this genetically advanced species I had given birth to) and swaddling and rocking him at more motions per minute than the big bouncy at most kids’ birthday parties. Each day, morning to night, I was living this monotonous lifestyle (reminded me of V.I.C.I from SMALL WONDER) with no diversion from the set routine at all. Romance, it seemed had been packed and parceled by Flipkart to be re-delivered not before next life. But how would I avail of it, what if I were to be reborn as a little jellyfish. Gosh!!!

Look at me! What had suddenly metamorphosed of my life. Was I, with no knowledge until now, a Kryptonian gathering my power from the Sun to deal with this ‘mini torpedo’ always ready to explode’? Or was I unknowingly roped in to play the female version of the mighty “Baahubali”. The petite slim body I donned, that couldn’t take even a little nudge in a crowded mall until now, had beome a ‘round-the-clock juggler’ to a little being throwing fits and tantrums all day. Weren’t babies supposed to be the kinds in the “googly woogly woosh” ads!! So then, had I been conned? But how did one press charges against GOD!! Not really, none of this!! It was time to accept, I had just become a mother!! JUST!!


It took a year for the realization to sink in. What I as a mother experience, caring day and night with an undying emotional strength for my kid’s well being is bigger than any job in the world. Consistent swelling pressure and endless patience tests. No salary slips, no appreciations, no bonuses, no promotions. This is one hell of a job with no retirement date. But the amazing part is, inspite of all the ordeals, I dedicate, simple and unbiased love because my happiness, well being, heart and soul has all of a sudden shifted base to dwell in my child.

Gone are the days of romantic candle lit dinners and night clubs. Dressing up for a party implies it’s my lucky day, going to the salon is a jackpot I have hit, and spending an evening as a couple is equivalent to the feeling of witnessing the twenty ninth day of February !! Those rare moments when my husband gathers the courage to cuddle me up in my child’s presence, my little man manages to forgo his most engrossing cartoon or game and transform the entire mood of the room from “Maine pyar kiya” to “Maine pyar kyun kiya”!!

He is now my top priority, I shop for him first, later for myself. I order food he likes, visit zoos and parks. Holiday destinations are decided keeping him in mind. Rhymes are all I sing. And yes, I acknowledge that life might never be the same. But this little man-woman relationship has taken precedence over all others. No questions asked. No matter how challenging it is, he is my first man now. And my very own legally married husband has ironically taken position of THE OTHER MAN OF MY LIFE!!

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