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The Parting

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And now it has been a month long,

But all his life he had been strong,

And here he lies ailing beside me in his bed,

Myself pondering, why the parting has to be sad….

Always a source of strength to me,

My companion in sorrow and glee,

Helping me to be honest and strong,

Encouraging me to fight against wrong.

And I thought that he will always be there,

To guide me when I am overcome by fear,

But now I realize that this is not to be,

For human life is nothing, but wee.

For all the strength from him that I gain,

I can no longer perceive him in pain,

And every day that my grief swells,

Peace in me hardly dwells.

And as I finally see no light,

Raising my hands to almighty in plight,

Asking the supreme to shower bliss,

And take him away while in peace.

Finally, when he breathed his last,

And his mortal remains came to dust,

My life was never to be same as before,

For a guiding light had left my shore.

As I recollect my days with him,

My spirit lights-up and often turns grim,

But I can still feel him smiling up there,

Assuring me that: “I am happy here!”

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