The Penis Diaries Chapter 2: The inner beauty

Handsome hunk

If you need an introduction to the protagonist, read his story.

This is a story of appreciation, from the woman of my man. I call him Big John and call her Jenny!

She gasped, I literally heard her gulp! This was the first time she was looking at me (and I was apparently the first one she saw in full glory). I chuckled to myself, taking pride in the fact that I could hassle someone a bit.

They had been just fooling around like usual and I loved every bit of it even though I was not directly involved ever so far. I’d like to bust some myths about foreplay here – Men love it too! Men want it too!

That first touch

While my anatomical construction may appear simple and straightforward, I am complex machinery and fueled by sensations all over a man’s body!

Anyways, back to Big John and Jenny – this was their big leap – the bare-it-all day. He had spent his own sweet time looking at Jenny, and now this was Jenny’s turn.

She stared at me for long and then grasped me. Grazed her fingers around my sac and rolled the squishy nuts gently! While John had touched me before, this was different! This was pure bliss! My sac tightened and she delightfully chuckled at seeing me change my shape!

She whispered to John, “It is fascinating!”

She touched me gently, looked at me for what seemed hours. Big John and Jenny didn’t go really any further than this that day, but this still remains one of those days that I lived to my fullest (pun sure intended)

Never ever again, have I felt been as appreciated by anyone as that teenage girl’s innocent exclamations made me feel! Perhaps to realise my real beauty one has to look at me as if they are looking for the first time, enjoying the maverick that I am.

Things to remember when you are having steamy shower sex with your partner

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Readers Comments On “The Penis Diaries Chapter 2: The inner beauty”

  1. Kritagya Daarshanik

    Thanks Anney for reading!

    I believe it is very important for everyone to be comfortable with their bodies and also their partner’s (And by this I do not demean emotional and intellectual compatibility).

    In (making) love, the more you give, the more you get!

    Also, appreciating your partner goes a long way in building their esteem and confidence and helps them shun any inhibitions.

    Kritagya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

  2. I am one of those women who have genuinely found beauty in beutiful penises. I mean I never had to cultivate it. About 20 years ago, I had awoken in the wee hours of dawn to a peculier sensation of a lucid dream in which I could taste the texture of a glans penis. I awoke and cried my eyes out, cause I was seriously starved of sex and miserable – having been a widow for 2 years. Well, a year later I met the lover and I knew I had met him in a dream before. Stranger things! I say.

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