The Penis Diaries Chapter 3: The clown

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If you need an introduction to the protagonist, read his story here and here.

Well, as much as I am fun to hang out (Jeez, don’t think that far) with, I can be quite an embarrassment.

I am the clown with motley in my mind! Fickle minded, stubborn and blessed with a knack of being bang on with worst possible timing.

Innumerable times I have left my man red in the face. Whether it be the dirty night pants for laundry, or the ‘in your face’ boner when motherly figures come in wanting to say “Rise and shine my prince” or perhaps when I pull up a tent in the jammies or towels in front of extended families.

If teenage knows a misery, I cause it!

I have grinned myself to sleep just at the fate of my man so many times, and spend considerable time contemplating what and when my next prank would be.

Oh! This one has got to be my favourite.

The awkward moment

So Big John had fallen head over heels for Jenny. Jenny clouded his thoughts at all times. My main plans the most elaborate dinner in the fanciest of the fine dining restaurants in the town, with a whole private section reserved, with separate music (if he had a chance, he would have lined up violinists). The evening proceeds well, and Jenny is appreciative of how she loves Big John for the way he respects women. As she is spending her illustrious vocabulary heaping praises for the chivalrous Big John, I feel left out. Now, whenever I feel left out, I make my presence felt! Presence felt in a way that cannot be missed!!

As Big John stares into the deep blue eyes of Jenny, I make him squirm to adjust ‘stuff’ down there. I am all giggles as he innocently just doesn’t see where this is coming from. Jenny after a few desperate attempts to ignore, ends up asking “Are you okay? What’s the matter?”

Round won by Dick!

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  1. One needs to be a bit cocky to appreciate this humour. The penis undoubtedly “helms” the affairs of most men. And is a useful “stand in” to have around if one is at a loss for words. The long and short of this comment is that irrespective of it’s size, it boldly ventures into unknown territories and works hardest when called for by it’s holder. A true foot soldier, even if it comes up with only half measures for most of us.

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