Sex and Passion

The question everyone’s afraid to ask…

As a society, we’re only just beginning to acknowledge the sexual aspects of a relationship in public
Girl Asking Woman

“It’s like I’m his sister.”

“He’s all, ‘Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am’.”

“I feel like we are roommates. Work, eat, sleep together. That’s it.”

“Both of us want it thrice. She, in a year. I, in a week.”

These are some things that couples who decide to come to us have said.

They are a minority who decide to acknowledge the problem, talk about it, get help. Just the tip of the iceberg. The majority suffers in silence, denies the existence of any problem. It’s like sexual life is some alien concept. Or something that can’t be named, much less discussed.

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Once you know the amount of fun in outdoor sex, you will want it even more

Are we as a society still scared to accept alternate sexuality?

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  1. Yes, agree with you! Our society is changing for good. But still, there are many things and many aspects that people need to learn to talk openly about. But, yes even I stay positive that things will change eventually!

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