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The rainy night love of Bonobology – A feather in my writing hat!

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Recently there was a contest from Bonobology. Scrolling through my facebook, I happen to came across this contest and thought to give it a try. The terms & conditions for the contest by Bonobology went like this –

And the story was supposed to be woven in 200 words only. So, I decided to give it a try. I put on my writing cap as I have to be imaginative and wild at the same time. I came up with the story which went like this-

A boy, A girl and a rainy night!

She was returning back from work. It was late at night and the roads were empty. All of a sudden it started raining cats and dogs. She was all wet, looking desperately for a rickshaw. At some distance, she saw a car coming near her, but the headlights were stopping the clear vision. She soon heard the car tires screeching. It was him. She was seeing him after 11 years. He came out of the car and hugged her. She said it was wrong, but he was in no mood to listen.

The long awaited desires were running crazily when they held each other tightly. Their wet lips mingled, their bodies pressed against each other with deep-rooted emotions like sea waves rising with high tides. It was now very tough for both of them to live in this turmoil, so they decided to finish it up with everything that night. There was a mayhem going on in their minds for cheating on their spouses. But this avalanche cannot be stopped since it was taking a roller coaster ride from last 11 years. So, he took her in the car and then finally, at last, they completed each other that rainy night.

I then submitted my story on the facebook page of Bonobology

The days after that passed in my normal chores and routine, and I completely forgot about the story. On 9th Oct, I was again spending time with my friend, my facebook wall when I saw a notification pop-up at the right hand corner of my fb page. When I clicked on it, I was literally jumping around and beaming with triumphant. Guess why? YES I HAD WON THE RAINY NIGHT STORY WRITING CONTEST FROM BONOBOLOGY along with a fellow contestant KARAN KAPOOR (Congratulations Dude!). And glimpses of it goes here –


I felt extremely happy being a winner among many other writers. I received an Amazon gift voucher of Rs 1000/- the very next day from Bonobology. But, the happiness and the confidence that got boost up in me after this contest valued more for me than that voucher.

I really thank Bonobology for providing me with such an amazing experience. It is a great platform which provides fair opportunity to all the aspiring and talented writers. A place where anybody can talk freely about love, life and relationships. I also thank all my friends and well wishers for their pouring Congratulatory wishes to me for winning this contest.

Bonobology dude, you are a real lovey dovey companion to me. LOVE U SO SO MUCH! 🙂

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