Compatibility in Relationships: Waiting for the Right Person

How she found the right right person and love and compatibility in her relationship

There is an honest truth about finding the right partner that most people don’t know about. Compatibility in relationships is not easy to find and you really don’t know when it would come to you. But it does come finally. As Varsha found out.

Varsha glanced through her emails disinterestedly. Her inbox never had anything exciting in it. However, a mail from a stranger by the name of snob[email protected] caught her eye. When she clicked it open, it read…

“When a boy wants to see you everyday… he wants to be yours 4eva.

When a boy says ‘I love you’ … he means it.

When a boy says ‘I miss you’ … no one in this world can miss you more.

Make sure you spend your life with the right person….

Find a guy who will stay awake just to watch you sleep…

Send this to 15 people to find your true love really soon!”

Varsha was clueless about who snobby_robby was, but found herself foolishly believing in his words. In no time she had forwarded the message to 15 friends.

If it really worked, the boy who would stay awake just to watch her sleep, would soon breeze into her life.

She stepped out of her room and pinched herself. There was an attractive young boy standing in her balcony. This was really quick!

“Varsha, this is Singhania Uncle. He has come back to India after ten years.” She was taken by surprise as her mother introduced her to an elderly gentleman sitting in their living room. She greeted him half-heartedly, as it was the boy in the balcony who had her attention.

“That is my son Mayank,” said Singhania Uncle to a visibly embarrassed Varsha, who smiled sheepishly and hurried into her room.

She was trying to concentrate on her homework, when there was a knock on her door.

“May I come in?” It was Mayank. He looked clearly bored and Varsha felt guilty about leaving him in the company of the elders.

“Sure. I was just struggling with trigonometry,” she replied, trying her best to sound indifferent.

Finding the person with whom you can spend all you life
Finding the person with whom you can spend all you life

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“Allow me,” said Mayank, pulling the notebook towards him. Within seconds he had cracked the sum, as Varsha looked at him in awe. “It is really simple.” He explained trigonometry to her the way Tripathy Sir never could. Math had never been so uncomplicated before. Varsha was almost convinced that snobby_robby was a genius!

Varsha and Mayank were soon spending most of their time together. It was almost like a wonderful dream. But the spell was interrupted when her mother announced that Saxena Aunty and her nephew would be coming to see her this Sunday. The last couple of years of her life had revolved around Mayank. She never cared if there were other boys on earth and never even realised that she had turned into a beautiful woman. Varsha panicked and rushed to Mayank’s office.

“Wow! This is great news! You are really going to get married?’ Mayank reacted joyfully. He was obviously joking. “Varsha, you are my dearest friend and I am truly happy for you.”

‘Friend!’ The word hit her like lightning, as it snapped her out of her delusion.

She realised that they had spent time together, but Mayank had never told her that he loved her. He bought her friendship bands, but had never said that someday he would buy her a diamond ring too.

He had spent nights talking to her, but had never promised that he would spend his entire life with her. Varsha had been living a fairy tale that she had spun for herself. With a broken heart, she dragged herself back home.

Within a week, her house came alive with her wedding preparations and soon, it was the big day. Varsha was totally unaware how gorgeous she looked in her bridal finery. She did not seem to care.

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“You look really tired,” said Aditya on the wedding night, trying to break the ice. Varsha was quiet. “Tomorrow we have a puja and you will have to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. It is past midnight, I guess you should go to sleep now,” said the new groom to his beautiful bride. Varsha silently heaved a sigh of relief. Aditya seemed like a pleasant guy but was he anything like the boy in the email? She drifted off to sleep with several apprehensions in her heart.

love nd friendship

When Varsha woke up the next morning, she was surprised to see that Aditya was not there in the room. She noticed a pink paper on the coffee table. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she read the note:

“I am going to the temple. You can come later with Mom. And just wanted to let you know…. You look beautiful while asleep. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at you the entire night…and I can do this all my life. I know you may take time to be comfortable with me. It’s okay. I can wait.”

“But I can’t,” thought Varsha.

She had waited for really a very long time. After all, this was the man whom she had awaited eight golden years of her life.

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