The Scent Of Love And The Beauty Of A Relationship

scents of love

Love is mystical, it’s enchanting, and above all, it’s inspiring. The romance, the attraction and the whole mood is a story, and each and every element present in the ambience contributes to the aura of love. And one of these elements is smell; a scent that lingers on even when the moment is over. But what are these scents of love?

The scent and attraction psychology states that there are some fragrances that stimulate sexual desires; that humans subconsciously try to identify whether their partner could make a potential mate and parent so that they pass on favorable traits to their offsprings.

A certain aroma can affect us psychologically and that’s why when we smell something familiar after a significant amount of time, we’re overwhelmed with a sudden rush of nostalgia. Doesn’t it make sense then, the idea that a fragrance of love does exist?

The Power Of Scent In Your Relationship

When asked “What are some scents of love you can recall?”, a lot of men and women state vanilla, lavender and rose as romantic scents that set the mood. The science of scent is an interesting study and a lot of research is being done in the field to understand why it is considered so important to smell good and whether it really does have an effect on intercourse.

According to the study in partnership with Old Spice, 91% of women rate good body odor as a key to romantic success, while nearly 60% of men do not realize that poor body odor affects their relationship. So yes, there has been some proof that a man or a woman’s scent does in some ways define the nature of their sexual relationship.

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It was a day just like any other…until

The kids had fallen asleep. It was peaceful, dark and cosy in the bedroom. I like this time of the day when there are no more chores, the laptop has been put to rest and I can be ‘me’, relieved of my duties as ‘mother of two’. He was expected to come home late after a daylong conference and dinner at a hotel.

I was blissfully reading The Forty Rules of Love, a book so luxurious and elegant that your life melts as you enter into the lives of the characters, mainly, Shams of Tabriz (a dervish), Rumi the Sufi poet, writer Aziz and a wife and mother in the current day and age, Ella. Right from the beginning I could clearly picture and relate to Ella, her life as a wife and mother of two.

I had nodded off to sleep while reading about Ella finding out about her cheating husband and her not feeling the need to confront him, even after several hints about his promiscuity. Even without my realizing I had drifted off somewhere between sleep and waking, where reality and dreams morph into a weird state of trance.

I woke up to my reality with a start only when my phone rang and he was at the door. I opened the door with a smile and offered him a glass of water. There was a distinct and powerful smell of perfume, too flowery and sweet smelling for a man. It was definitely not what he usually wore.

It took me back to the night I had worn my special perfume on our first date and all his doubts of ‘am I sexually compatible with a woman’ disappeared into the void. But soon after he lost all interest in putting in an effort to smell good.

So when he came home smelling differently, I found it unusual because my husband is the kind of man who doesn’t like to experiment with different fragrances, and he certainly didn’t believe in what I call ‘the scent of love’. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised.

The scent of love
He came home smelling distinctly different

A perfume romance

Not able to ignore it much longer, I asked “Perfume? This isn’t yours, right?”

He remained silent, hesitated, and finally said with a smile, “Secret, secret.”

“This is not yours for sure. Where did this come from?”

“There was a display counter at the hotel and I just tried some on.” There was something about the way he said it. I didn’t want to admit it but I was definitely getting turned on by this little surprise.

“Nice story, but I can always tell when you lie,” I told him before going into the bathroom. After nine years of knowing him, I knew this was not the truth. It did bother me and I kept thinking about it as I brushed my teeth for the night.

But, I was surely not going to ask him about it or argue. Definitely not at this time of the night. When I stepped into the bedroom and my eyes adjusted to the dim lights, I saw a neatly wrapped pink package waiting on my pillow.

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The gift of attraction

“Happy Anniversary…in advance!” he said.

“It’s more than a month away…why now?”

“I wanted to keep it hidden and give it to you on our anniversary.”

“Then you should have kept it hidden and given it to me later.”

“No! I know you. You would keep thinking about the perfume on me.” He watched me closely as I unwrapped the package to reveal the exquisite bottle of perfume inside.

“The perfume store is right next to the hotel where we had the conference, so I took the opportunity to buy it today.” He smiled. I was smiling too. Not everything needs to be said out loud and sometimes words cannot convey everything either. He ruined the surprise but at least I could stop wondering ‘why do I love his scent so much’ now.

He gave me an unforgettable night

Why do i love his scent

I guess the beauty of a relationship is sometimes in knowing the other person better than they may know themselves. Feelings are somewhat like perfume, you don’t see them, and you can’t touch them, but you can feel their presence and enjoy them while it lasts.

The presence of all the fragrances in the house, or as I like to refer to them as the scents of love – the burning candle, the aroma of the delicious home-cooked meal wafting in the room, and the floral perfume, at that moment seemed to amalgamate into one and create the perfect ambience for the night. It was the best sex I ever had!

What to do if your husband doesn’t want you sexually? It’s easy – put on his favorite scent and let it linger all around the house. How long can he resist the temptation?

In conclusion, yes, the way you look and the way you smell definitely contribute to enhancing the mood, and subconsciously it can establish a very pleasant memory in the mind of your partner. So make sure to invest in a good scent and wear it when you want to spice things up a little bit!


1. Why do I love the way my husband smells?

It is a proven fact that smelling good and arousal are interconnected, so if you can’t get your mind off how good your husband smells, it’s nothing uncommon, just a basic human instinct.

2. Do guys like a girl who smells good?

Yes, it goes without saying! Nobody likes someone who doesn’t put in any effort into their looks and scent, not only do they come across as unattractive but also unhygienic.

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