The start of the second innings

Second marriage

Tulip met her would-be husband in college. They fell for each other but convincing the girl’s family was a hard task. Being conservative, and more prone to other people’s reactions, the parents did not easily welcome their prospective son-in-law. Nevertheless, they surrendered for their daughter’s sake. The couple got married and begun their new journey.Tulip was a very good girl, easily adapting to the new home and new parents. Although she was a working woman, she won hearts through her smile and amicable nature. They had no children, generally considered a sad part of marriage, but they were happy with each other – traveling and enjoying each other’s company. They saw lots of ups and downs but deterred from letting those come in between them.In their fairytale romance like marriage, the couple was gleefully crossing milestones- 1, 2, … 5, … 10 anniversaries, and the most unexpected thing happened just after the 10th year.One early morning, Tulip sensed something wrong with her husband, sleeping next to her. His normal, everyday snoring, which irritated her so much once, was absent. On feeling the breath and the pulse, she found them to be missing.The husband died out of a massive heart attack. He was only 45 years.The world came crashing down for Tulip. Needless to say, she required immense strength to get out of this bitter loss. Along with her mother-in-law (her father-in-law had died a long time back), she was brought to her maternal home.Remember, She has to go to work. Now, who would take care of her sasuma? Hence, this decision was a welcome one.After the accidental demise of the husband, Tulip tried to keep herself busy in her work and household chores. However, noticing the agony and emptiness within her, the parents decided for her remarriage. After all, she was only 40 years. It required a lot of efforts to convince her and her mother in law. They finally agreed to the proposal.Despite living in 2017, there were absurd and unrealistic matrimonial advertisements harping on absolute perfection. Finding a real gentleman willing to marry a widow was, therefore, a tough one. However, after a long and thorough search, God blessed Tulip with a passionate soul. The new man was a bachelor, a friendly person living all by himself and almost 10 years older but he accepted her as his wife. This time the marriage wasn’t a gala affair. It simply consisted of a registry and a reception, inviting only a few close acquaintances. What everybody present there did not miss was the visible expression of satisfaction and exuberance on the couple’s face.The marriage took place prior to the Bengali’s most loved festival, Durga Puja. Just before the Devipaksha, a restart for the hapless Tulip is an inkling to the possibility of a changed and more positive attitude towards life. Despite struggles, Tulip has always accepted the present as it is. The parents have also learnt to stop looking at everything from others’ perspective. Hence, the beautiful gift, similar to the gift of the magi, to complete the newlywed couple.Life has given Tulip a second chance to restart her journey. There can be, and should not be any comparisons drawn between the two marriages. There are differences but everyone has acknowledged them wholeheartedly. The empty space can never be filled, but it has been refilled to a great extent. All the friends and relatives are showering their sincere and heartfelt wishes on the couple.

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