The stuff that single men don’t have to worry about

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Being in a loving and wonderful relationship is a lot of fun. But being single comes with its own list of luxuries as well. In fact, there are certain benefits which are exclusive to the single men, vis a vis those in coupledom. Lets find out what they are.

Here’s a list of things that single men never have to worry about as compared to their married/involved counterparts.

1. Forgetting/remembering anniversaries.

Whoa! Isn’t that a load off?

2. Leaving the toilet seat up or down.

Laa di dah! Enjoy.

3. Fights with a girlfriend/wife.

No girlfirend? No fight!

4. Appreciating the girls around you with gay abandon.

You’re single. Wheee!

5. Making impromptu plans with the boys.

Hiking? Road trip? Boy’s night? Just go ahead! Ain’t no upset girlfriend holding you back boy!

6. Sleeping-spread out, all over the bed.

The bed is all yours. Exhale and spreaddd out.

7. No one says to you, ‘we need to talk’.

8. Sharing the closet space. You own the F.U.L.L. cupboard.

9. You can watch the sports channel when ever you like. Howzzat!!?

Also, no one takes the remote from you.

10. Calling your mom your ‘favourite gal’.

T.H.I.S. is the best one. Yes, your mom rocks!

11. When people jealous of your freedom ask you, why are you single, you get to tell them, ‘I’m over qualified’ for a relationship.

Thank you very much!

12. To sum it up – You are the King of your world:

… and go ahead dude, live it up guilt free.

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