The Sunrise ( A page from my childhood)

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The Sunrise:

( A page from my childhood)

I opened the door carefully without making the slightest sound. Still, his sleepy voice followed me at once.

“Don’t dare to go out, you little devil, “ he said.

But who cares ! There was the call of a rising sun. So the little devil decided to ignore the warning of her dad and took the risk of getting a punishment.

I walked bare feet towards the bank of the river. The dew was still fresh on the grass. My light, little feet jumped with joy as they felt their touch. The sweet scent of ‘Sewali’ filled the air. Everything was dream-like, fairy-like. I started to run through the morning mist.

The calm river of winter was flowing silently. I sat down on the white sand. A small boat was floating on the river as If it was a painting of a painter.The boat man was singing a ‘Bhatiyali’ song with an open and free voice. The river, the sky, and the birds- all were listening to him. I lost myself somewhere in that musical world. The little devil was hypnotized.

‘’Will you take me with you?” I shouted at him. But he couldn’t hear me or didn’t want to hear me.

I threw away my woolen cap and lied on the sand. The birds were flying over me.

“The night is gone, the night is gone’ – the birds were singing the song. How easy to understand their song!

The sky became red in the east. And the bright red ball came out from the horizon exposing its enormous beauty .The clouds took the color of a ripened cherry. The river was shining like a red cloth of silk. I felt myself blessed being part of this great happening. A yellow butterfly came out to spread the news of a warm morning.

The little devil was walking back to home, happy and satisfied. She didn’t care about the warning. She didn’t care about the woolen cap- she left there. She didn’t care about her bare and dirty feet. She didn’t thought of the punishment that was waiting for her . Her light feet were flying in the air !

(NB: My dad never allowed me to get up early in the morning , specially in winter as I had asthma. But I was the most mischievous one in this matter. I loved to stay close to nature. So frequently got punishment for disobeying him. )


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