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The Swiss Alps

swiss alps

Fed on a diet of Victoria Holt,Georgete Heyer,Louisa.M.Alcott,i had always dreamt of a whirlwind romance,with a tall,handsome,hunk,a wonderful wedding and a honeymoon in the Swiss Alps.I conjured up images of myself as a victorian maiden,with my beau,enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

The second heaven on earth,Switzerland was my dream destination for a honey moon.The green meadows,placid,clear lakes,snow capped peaks of the pristine alps beckoned me. Yashraaj flicks added fire to my imagination.My idea was to stand on the peak of the highest mountain,Mount Jungfroujoch,which is eleven thousand feet high,hand in hand,where the cool,chilly breeze whispered in your ears and he would say the three enchanting words of love to me.

But dreams are dreams,a matrimonial ad led to our meeting,no dates or chats.We tied the knot in a month and after marriage ,i could only hum Frank Sinatra’s lyrics “Strangers in the night,exchanging glances,wondering in the night,willwe be able keep love,”

My tall,dark,handsome knight wasn’t the die hard romantic,but pragmatic to the hilt.His idea of a honey moon was gorging on sumptuous food,watching the idiot box,surrounded by his family of boisterous relatives.So that was the honey and moon,an apology for it.

Two decades of married life,he is busy with work and family commitments so we never got a chance to enjoy that moment.But this contest kindled my zest for life and i had to ask him,where would he like to take me for a romantic sojourn,though a balding pate,wisps of white,still he answered -The Swiss Alps. My happiness knew no bounds and i am waiting  to go and spend a weekend of solace,in a Swiss Chalet,with my knight.

Better late than never. Love can do wonders for a relationship.

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