The time we went to a 7-star hotel

She chose a dish with a grand name and description but she should have listened to her husband's advice...
lady reading menu in restaurant

How to behave in a grand hotel

How vividly I remember the time when my husband and I were invited to dinner at a grand 7-star hotel! I had to cling to my husband’s arm, as I was scared I would fall and break some bones, the floor was so smooth and glassy, sparklingly polished so I could literally see my reflection in it. As we were seated in this absolutely heavenly dining area, my husband told me “Be alert and don’t speak with your hand-gestures as you usually do, as it’s likely you will break the crockery.”

The menu is a work of art

I gave him a dirty look, we settled down for the meal and the waiter brought a fancy menu which was more like a coffee table book, with glossy paper beautifully printed with designs, and words resembling calligraphy. It’s a piece of art, and a treat to the eyeballs, but here you are most often foxed, because the terms used for even the most simple dishes are grand and incomprehensible. Again Hubby whispered, “Please choose something you like to eat and not something that sounds very different to your ear.” With another dirty look, I opened the menu that was placed before me and just the sheer artistic quality made me go through each and every page leisurely. Suddenly I was being nudged under the table by my better half.

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